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for What an egocentric bitch!

3/1/2006 c1 28these travels
stop being me!

hahaha, i'm only joking.except i'm 5'2 and 112.or 'one pound too many' as my dad says...asshole.

anyway, i really liked this one.probably because i can relate to it.it's funny, most critics/people respond to things they relate to first, and empathy second.

so if you really know what you're feeling and talking about, i/they/we will all know too.

great piece, very ..real.that's what i liked about it most.
2/26/2006 c1 5Drops of Jewpiter
great story, i love the humor in it xpiecially the line 'and i wasn't at the bow of a giant ship moving in time with dolphins' i love the cynicalisitc (is that a word?) voice of the character. good job ;)~dropsofjewpiter~

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