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for Kiss In The Rain

2/13/2007 c8 9hilaryjojo
here's your 15th review. now what about that sequel?
5/11/2006 c8 10Firespirit44
The speed at which Amy and David fell in like, then love, then TRUE love, was a bit too fast for my liking..but then again I'm just the sort of person who likes long, drawn-out courtships. xD

In any case, your writing skills are very good, and you should definitely think about writing that sequel!
3/10/2006 c8 41shadows of life
it a really good story a would like to read the sequel if you write it
3/3/2006 c8 10Finger Dingbat
very nice, i liked it, it's a bit lacking on detail, but i liked how you made it real, and i also loved the story, and the way you set it up, Bravo! and please please please write a sequal - gr... how do you spell that?
3/3/2006 c8 1pplofthewrldeatcheese
it was a perfect ending!
3/2/2006 c7 30strawberryaid
I like how short and sweet it is. I mean I do like in-depth Novels, too, but this is cool. It's so poetic and I really love how you put emphasis by placing a line or two in the middle. It grabs your attention effectively. Bravo!
3/1/2006 c7 2omaterluna
This story is really cute. I like it a lot. I know I would like to be kissed in the rain. LOL
3/1/2006 c1 26Zo Lyon
niether did i, niether did i. it rules. so far..have fun..and writew more! -yalls- I DEMAND MORE! tank you.
3/1/2006 c7 cate
o!i like it! please write more! i love it! yay!
3/1/2006 c7 1pplofthewrldeatcheese
2/28/2006 c5 61Kristina Suko
Hm, interesting. I like. Hope the next chapter comes up soon!
2/28/2006 c5 1pplofthewrldeatcheese
very cliche but very perfect! UPDATE ASAP!
2/28/2006 c4 30strawberryaid
you wanna know what I think? I think you should turn this into a screenplay. That would be awesome. It's really cute and a little too cliched but still really cute! ^_^
2/27/2006 c2 2WickedRedHead
Please update soon!
2/27/2006 c2 30strawberryaid
I can't believe no one's taken the time to review this piece of art! You rule! I really like your writing style. The way you wrote in third person works well. I do think however, that it's too much like a movie.

But it's written so well that I don't really care!

can't wait for more! ~Rae~

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