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for Silence

9/24/2003 c1 12A Sheep Named Booster
Thank you for a reminder- I have a friend who I'm sure feels like this sometimes. I guess I just never really understood why she didn't say what she felt, why she didn't have the guts to speak up, when that seems to be a natural thing to me. Perhaps she didn't speak because she realized that the speakers were nothing more than fools. Why say anything if others don't, or don't want to, understand the impact of your words?
2/9/2003 c1 3DarkenedSkye
Wow, brilliant poem! I love all your poetry, it's so deep and dark. Very haunting. Your work really makes me think! ^_^ I wish I could write like you!

11/28/2001 c1 25european coffee addict
Geez. This is great work. I like poems about the darker side of life.

And I like people who are able to look deeper than just on the sureface. :-)

bye bardofberlin
9/20/2001 c1 Speckled
wow this is a great poem :0)
9/2/2001 c1 54Werecat99
Gread work, I liked it.
3/21/2001 c1 17Cookie1
Ooh...I just noticed that you reviewed some of my poems, and I thought I would return the favor, cause I love it when people review my stuff. (sorry. I tend to ramble.) I really like this one. I understand how you feel, for me I feel like that in a social situation, because I am very shy. Or aroung friends with very strong opinions. If i understood the poem properly, i know just how you feel. Have you read my poem Neon? It's about the same thing. -Sonja (yes, with a j, but pronounced so-ny-a)
2/19/2001 c1 Bri
Silence burn, rage pine and reveal. Speak the words, speak them and see, something there that should always be. See them silent as they play, say not what you think but what they want to hear. Step on their foolish faces as they drink sugar-spun lies, dish out iron truth from a tongue of fire that lashes and burns. Only take silence if nothing is to be said, but break the silence, don't give them too much room. Ah the meanings, so many in one, insanity confusion, one and the same. Come and play, disrupt the silence, and make them pay.
2/18/2001 c1 14VioletHaze
That was great! Really dark but deep, the emotion really comes through!

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