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3/10/2019 c1 2NotThatCute
Really enjoyed it! Loved your attention to detail.
12/10/2017 c5 Guest
In love
11/26/2016 c1 thebongo21
nice use of apostrophes dumbass
8/12/2015 c2 Guest
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1/11/2015 c5 Hellen
Omg so horny I had so many amazing or asks reading ur stories!
1/22/2010 c1 4icestep93
oh my god just reading this made me cum in my pants. you really should write more.
11/28/2009 c3 hot4u
your story really turned me on. I always wondered how boys masturbate.When I cummed, i completly soaked my sheets. Add pictures, please? I would love to see your dick. xoxo
11/17/2009 c5 MC
Firstly, I know that you haven't updated in three years, but I figure you still like getting reviews and all, and so here it is :)

You are awesome. Like, really. I do like smut from time to time...though, I don't think I'm THAT into it...but this is beyond amazing. Seriously, you write smut really well, and you should keep doing it.

It's extremely hot. Very much so. And, yeah, I think the whole different ways of masturbation is a totally interesting concept, and I'm so glad that someone wrote about it. It's incredibly intriguing, and I like the idea very, very much :P

So, even though you might not update this again, I'd just like to say that I'm completely going to keep coming back to this every now and then. I can see myself reading it time and time again. It's great :D
1/21/2009 c5 MMMMM baby
you should have a girl masturbate, or have the guy go to a whore house to do a daisy chain

wanna cyber chat with a lady, synonym.for. is your place
9/28/2008 c1 Your Average Reviewer
Hi again. I wanted to thank you for opening the world of masturbation to me. I looked online at Jackinworld . com for so great techniques. If you haven't already been there it might give you great ideas for this story. During this week I'll be doing some experimenting of my own with things found on Jackinworld. I'll type up my experiences and send them to you if you've run out of ideas.

Thanks again for everything.

9/27/2008 c5 Your Average Reviewer
Simply amazing! Did you think of all these yourself! Every chapter made me cum so hard. Gosh these techniques are wonderful. I found this story on a whim and this was my first time masturbating.

Thank you for the wonderful experience. Personally I loved the lube the most and the second time I tried, I warmed the lotion up just a tad. Thankfully I wasn't caught doing it in public either! When your character walked up to get the lotion naked, I tried that too. I reenacted almost everything. Walking around naked feels awkward at first but after a few times it really gets you ready before doing yourself. And if you are wondering yes I had the house to myself this week. Next available week I have I'm going to re-read this and do it all again!

3/7/2008 c4 Snowalchemist55
2/21/2008 c5 sexpot
oh so oht. i totally started ** and moaning and ugh I'm horny!
11/5/2007 c1 CrazyPinkFlamingo
this story is so unbelievably naughty! i love it!
8/27/2006 c5 Rae
hehe, i wondered when you'd update. :)

You know I love it. You're a fucking good writer. :P
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