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10/22/2008 c2 23fatbird33
he. nice surprise ending, cute.
9/27/2006 c2 9faerie-gumdrops
Great shorties here. The Bank robber one was really funny - I've never really seen the who bank-robbing idea being made into a comedy before and I loved the ending with the loan. This one was good too - reminds me of a lot of people who think the world's over because of a dropped mark. Nice one!
8/11/2006 c2 iamthe-loris
that is so hilariously true! so many of my friends are those types, and it makes me want to pull my hair out when they act like that. though this was short, i was highly amused by it. i wish you would write more tidbits like these! happy writing,


ps, i thank you for your review of Mind the Gap. Yours was the feedback i was hoping for!
8/11/2006 c1 iamthe-loris
that was quite a chuckle! i don't think your humor is "lame" at all, and i rather enjoyed it. your writing style is also unique, and very interesting. on to your next short story!

4/27/2006 c1 johnn23
Great fic, and you are not insane

And thanks! again, I already changed my fic. to the spanish section.

See ya later...
3/2/2006 c1 39SliversofSilverPain
Lol.. Very silly. Humourous, but silly. Loved it!

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