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3/21/2006 c5 Alexandra Swift
nice change of title, miguel, but the summarry. uhm, it makes it seem as though your story's goign to start from a character's point of view..eheh. but that's my opinion anyway...overall though, your story's doing pretty well. i hope to put up my own story eventually. see ya~
3/14/2006 c4 6Andre' Betita
BIENDOL Tower? SESTA Splinter? ELGIUM Splinter? And my favorite: REAND Splinter! Hehe...I wouldn't have spotted them if you hadn't told me there were anagrams in there. By the way, did I miss any more? 'Cuz I'm getting this gut-feeling that I did.
3/13/2006 c1 Andre' Betita
This story just keeps getting better and better! =D Keep it up, your cliffhangers are working effectively. It leaves me wanting to know what happens next!

By the way, I updated chapter 1 of Sorduel and I'm currently working on chapter 2. It's so hard to divide my attention between my stories and the batch prophecy.

Anyway, I'll stay tuned! You're on my favorites list! God bless! =D
3/10/2006 c3 12CelestinaWarlock
hey! i just read it! its coming along great! I'm a bit overwhelmed with Ayna's aggressiveness, but then again there really are people like that it the world, aren't there? Haha! Keep up the great work cuz! I think I have enough energy and sanity to continue working on Mattie! :D
3/3/2006 c2 Alexandra Swift
well, well, well. you've really done it. yeah, miguel, i finally found the story. (Nice title, by the way ahhaah~)like i've told long before, your episodes really were a good start. (i just hope you send me the other episodes when cllasses are over.)keep it up. your writing style is quite good, so i do't hink you'll much of a problem with grammar or whatnot...eventually readers will take a look at this.

good luck.-tessa

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