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for To Sam Waterston and A Call For Reason

3/4/2006 c1 Various
Ayesha said:

Shalom alachem. I have known Samuel through prayers for several years now, and admire his ability to inspire, not only with words ("There is no problem..." is a quotation by which I live)but also with actions. He is indeed a man who walks his talk. And he learns much from the films he makes-one of my favorites being Mind Walk, the lessons of which, I found to my amazement, he has indeed learned, and learned well. I sincerely hope your troubles clear up, and that you will be able to Samuel perform on stage-for his whole essence is theater-I could feel it when I had the good fortune to see Travesties and to meet him in person and exchange a few words. He is indeed Shem from El (Oh, that wonderful old sacred name!) and also the epitome of kindness.


blazrrose said:

Your article reminded me of a song from the 80's - "Kyrie", which is part of a Greek phrase kyrie eleison - God have mercy. Translated, the chorus is "God have mercy down the road that I must travel, God have mercy through the darkness of the night." He will continue to be your light through your life, and so glad to hear you have found inspiration in a man who lives such a decent, honorable life.


Aslan Israel said:

Wow. That's awful, I mean, how can people do that? Especially religious leaders who are supposed to set examples. sigh. At least we have a God who forgives.

-Sapphire Lupe said:

Wow, so strong, keep it that way!

God Bless

Sapphire Lupe

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