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12/9/2007 c15 Diamandis
Great story
12/9/2007 c5 Diamandis
Wow, she's really fiesty
10/25/2007 c9 DiddlingFiddles
DUDE. How freaking long does it take you to write a conversation between Luke&V? I'd take like 2 days to write each response. They're so effing witty.
10/25/2007 c5 DiddlingFiddles
She fell in love with T.S. Eliot after reading Prufrock. When she found out on the following day that her entire Literature class loved it as well, she felt a deep, angry, sorrowful resentment. She'd rather it had never been written, than the property of the horrible common monstrous masses and their idiotic good-natured and ultimately disgusting opinions.

TOTALLY know what is meant by that. I LOVED how you described that concept.

"gawdy is the word you're looking for" 98% sure that you meant gaudy.
10/25/2007 c3 DiddlingFiddles
The Berry story is so sad. =[

Adding to fave stories. Too lazy to copy/paste the story ID yadda yadda yadda.
10/8/2007 c15 51bangbangstartagain
perfect. this was awesome. your writing is flawless and your ideas...wow. everything is great. your characters were perfect in all their imperfections. fantastic work.

+ favourites.
9/20/2007 c2 Pundit
Wow, she really is a hypocrite, trying to take the moral high ground over exposing her teachers and then selling out a friend. I also don't feel one bit sorry for her financial plight, because if she was smart enough to get into Columbia (an EXPENSIVE university in an EXPENSIVE city), then she could have chosen a school that would've PAID her to attend. But both Vaughn and Luke seem like characters I'd love to hate, and it should be fun to watch their transformations (or lack there of). I like the flow and your dialog was natural and easy. Good stuff.

As a side note, every time I hear that song "what if god was one of us" I can't help but think: "we'd crucify his sorry ass"... Because I'm heretical like that.
9/14/2007 c15 2muryoutaisuu
truly inspiring. the character of victoria and her thoughts were so intriguing and seemingly profound.

nothing else but pure genius.

short and deep.

8/4/2007 c15 mythical
Very nice. Very poetic and philosophical at times, too. The characters were so different to what you usually see, especially your choice of female lead. Perhaps the ending was sudden, but I liked it. It was sweet in Luke and Victoria's unique way. One question: Do you think that people as self-absorbed as Madison seems to be ("My life could never be ordinary... I was made for something special... My destiny on this planet was decided...") could really exist? Good as a character, but would be quite annoying as a person. I can't come up with any real criticism, so congrats on a great story.

7/8/2007 c15 5brittle hearts
It was like reading an incredibly long, beautiful poem. Lovely job, although I thought the ending was a little rushed.
7/3/2007 c15 1Tempest116
hmm, well that was unexpected...
4/23/2007 c15 1Shot Glass
I liked it. It was a bubble-gum read (don't ask) but with that rare intensity to it that makes people smile. I just liked it so much.

You get a happy face.

4/13/2007 c10 2Arialla
RIP Kurt Vonnegut =\

so it goes...

btw, in one of your previous chapters, I noticed a small mistake: Of Mice and Men, not Of Men and Mice.

but otherwise, excellent story. I like your heroine. she's not the cliche pretty-girl and your story isn't the typical FP writing. and that's a good thing =)

~ Aria
3/2/2007 c1 atreyu love
1/2/2007 c1 Iamthebomb
hey! good start it got me interested im gunna keep reading i just had to point out the use of tautology here: She was a leggy blue-eyed blonde with innocent blue eyes...since u mentioned she had blue eyes twice
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