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7/23/2006 c14 mo
oh he is mean, i am so mad at him. I can see he likes her, but he is being a bastard. I love how she stood up for herself at the end. Update son! this story rocks!
7/23/2006 c14 4Liz Inc
ouch. this is one fricked up situation, ain't it? har har.

I like your writing style. You seem to know alot about...well, everything. that's pretty dang cool. XD well, keep up the awesome writing, ya hear? this is a thoroughly entertaining read. =D
7/23/2006 c14 carma627
7/22/2006 c14 The Most Comfortable Place
this story is pretty much amazing.

7/22/2006 c14 5Skeptic-Critic
Dude...That was the singularly most depressing and yet somehow semi-sweet speech I've ever read a guy making...
7/22/2006 c13 whacked
A lot of writers claim to have characters that are particularly witty armed with a sense of sarcasm. They usually don't. But you, my dear, have created excellent characters, my hats of to you. It's the characters in this story that have managed to make a somewhat overdone cliche interesting in way that others have tried and failed. I adore Vicky, despite her somewhat depressed state, and i like Luke for not apologising for his money and being so true to the character of a being rich bastard. I usually have a tendency to shy away from characters that do not exude a sense of warmth, but what can i say, your writing just sucked me in.I truly loved chapter 10, that paragraph about where have all the greats gone..i really enjoyed reading it because it was similar to something my friend had previously brought up. Anyway, i am going to end this in the tradional way, please do update soon!
7/20/2006 c1 Jasmine
Don't leave us hanging woman, update.
7/11/2006 c13 3chocolatemusic
Oh, Victoria. A f*ck is never just a f*ck. "Gosh when will these crazy kids ever learn?"

7/11/2006 c12 chocolatemusic
Love the Sister Carrie comparison... I can relate to her feeling. Victoria's character would certainly appreciate Dreiser, I think.

So, she's going to the reception, is she? Hm... can I expect a little Edith Wharton in the next chapter?

7/7/2006 c13 icedfaerie
Great story you have here...I hate Luke...well don't hate him, I just don't like him..and well that's just my opinion...I can't wait until the next chapter.
7/5/2006 c13 2cbprice25
AH !
7/4/2006 c13 5Skeptic-Critic
Usually when people start rambling like that, don't they usually mean the exact opposite of what they're saying?

Cripes! THat was the last chapter...Now I've got to blinkin' wait...Blast it...Please hurry...Especially after a chapter like that...I shoulda waited until you updated more...but I couldn't...I was much too excited...
7/4/2006 c12 Skeptic-Critic
Montague...hehehehe...*snickering dies out slowly as confusion spreads across her face* You know...I think I have family in Texas with that last name...No kiddin'...
7/4/2006 c11 Skeptic-Critic
Half the time, Luke seems like he actually likes Madison and then it seems like he doesn't...
7/4/2006 c10 Skeptic-Critic
Oh...But didn't she say something about disgusting sweaty hands or something? or is it just because Luke and Madison aren't around to remind them of their "ugliness"?
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