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6/13/2006 c11 mo
great chapter, realy luke should just give up on madison. anyways please update soon! i wana see more victoria/luke interaction! :)
6/13/2006 c10 2Danica Blake
Interesting chapter. I love the random philosophical musings-they're really well written and quite frankly, brilliant. Oh...Fountainhead, I personally prefer Atlas Shrugged, but Rand is very interesting nevertheless. I also liked the conversation with the random person-it helps highlight her pessimistic/realist attitude and her emotions regarding what happened on the Ferris Wheel.

The Brad phone call was a perfect ending.

Really really well done!

6/13/2006 c11 happyeverafter
5/30/2006 c10 carma627
yay you! keep up the good work ( el trabajo bueno!)
5/28/2006 c2 Eboni
I'm liking Victoria. She's witty and she is sarcastic. I like that she can tell Luke off.
5/28/2006 c1 Eboni
I'm interested...I tell you I read the first paragraph followed by that single response by Luke and I...laughed. Luke thinks he's god's gift to women and I hope he ends up with the person you called in the first chapter "the one." She'll teach him a thing or two.
5/19/2006 c10 The Most Comfortable Place
i love victoria's incredible pessimism, because even though she thinks that she's alone in thinking like that, we all know that she's really not. i love her conversation with the stranger on the subway, "i make it a point to never listen to my mother." also love her relationship with brad, and the new confidence this job gives her. i cannot cannot wait to see how the next chapter turns out.

ps- luke is entirely too deep a thinker, entirely too evil to be dumb enough for him and madison to be perfect together!
5/19/2006 c10 Jasmine
I like Victoria's disenchantment, disenfranchisement but tempered with the honesty that perhaps Kandinsky would be her hero too were she a Swan. Berry Onus reminds me of a personal love, the cult of the personality. I loved my love too much though I didn't actually know why, my personal Berry was habitually so far removed from reality too, every beauty in its abstract so on so forth. While I was whinging about the dubya. heh. I love your writing. I don't know if you've ever noticed this but you write very much like Salman Rushdie. I used to think his verbosity was pretentious, an attempt to display "hey look at me I can use polysyllabic words!" And frankly reading the second chapter I had likened you to that, but reading on I realised it was kinda stream of consciousness thought. If you haven't read it (which I doubt) I suggest you pick up The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Rushdie. You're narrative runs like his, sparse and vivid prose to frantic loaded metaphors. Gorgeous read.Do update regularly, FP needs writers like you. Or in other words I do adore you so =)
5/19/2006 c10 happyeverafter
I love fast updates! Interesting chapter, I was kind of lost a few times, but that didn't really matter, since I understood the mood and the intent.
5/18/2006 c10 mo
wow cool chapter! also i liked how by the end Victoria, was a little more confident, update soon!
5/18/2006 c9 1benevolence
So Victoria got romantic...but Luke kissed her first. Great job, again. Update soon.
5/18/2006 c9 2Danica Blake
Damn if this isn't the best chapter so far.

The Frank Sinatra song with the Ferris Wheel was a great touch. Victoria and Luke making out was totally unexpected! It was really well written though and despite the unexpectedness, wasn't all that odd.

"“So,” Madison smiled and brought her face closer to his, “how were those seven minutes in heaven?”“Torture,” he smiled at her."
5/18/2006 c5 12it's only castles burning
sorry to be a creepy reviewer and review again, but i just had to say that i now officially love Madison, even though I don't want to, because she's just as pretentious as I am, and pretentious people annoy me. But I just had to comment when I saw the mention of Dominique Francon. Because she is my favorite character in all of literature, ever.
5/18/2006 c4 it's only castles burning
this is absolutley a worthwile story. and i mean that. you don't find too many of these on fp.net nowadays. i commend you.
5/18/2006 c9 10Firespirit44
Ugly ducklings never get the swan. Even if they do, they have to hide it..
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