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3/9/2001 c1 wouldn'tyouliketoknow
Bloody hell? What the is this?
2/28/2001 c1 Anali
Ahem! U R a meany! U R a son of b***... U didn't... ***sniffle***... U didn't... put my name in ur favorite authors list. So... I saved u some time by taking the liberty of doing it for you! Gee-wizzers, I don't believe u... of course... had forgotten to put my name in your very bestest favoritest authors list. I am of course your very favoritest author in the whole... wide... world. If you by some odd, strange reason do not like my BSB stories YOU MUST DIE SHA! SHA MUST DIE! SHA MUST DIE! ***just kidding*** Of course you "love" my stories! You have as much "love" for my stories as you like me. And that's of course... a lot... otherwise... ***taking out knife from her pocket**** (makes gesture with knife that symbolizes you throat being cut) your DEAD! -*peace, love, and jelly donuts... Angie*-PS: just jokin' }:
2/24/2001 c1 14RobynWindsong
Wow. That was really good. I love your descriptions-they're wonderful, some of the best. And the whole story is so original, a completely different concept. Please hurry and write some more!
2/23/2001 c1 Euphemia
Very good Alicia! I like the way the story gripped you from the begining. This is Niki by the way. I like the way you described the characters and the settings. Keep writing I want to read more. Peace, Love, & General Hospital! ~Niki
2/21/2001 c1 2Nimbius
i liked this story. the end was a tad confusing, but other than that, you did a good job of establishing a culture for your race. I'm interested to see where this story leads.

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