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12/8/2011 c5 1moon01234
More, more, more, more, more, please. ^^

I love it!
8/21/2011 c5 7A-Crimson-Memory
Well I definitely like Marc's POV. And I just wish Ryan wouldn't be so distant with his lover just from the notebook that he discovered. If Marc wants to explain what's happened in his past then he will when the time is right. It's true that Marc loves Ryan to death and that whatever happens he'll always love him. I want to see where this is going.
8/21/2011 c2 A-Crimson-Memory
Well I had to comment on this one because I found it so adorable :) I really like Marc's POV and from his point it shows that he loves Ryan a whole hell of a lot and that he'd go to the end of the world for him
11/16/2009 c5 8dizzymslizzy
this is a perfect companion to the black book story (sorry dont remember the full name of it) its very well writen and i enjoy seein both points of view... continue both and soon
3/11/2009 c5 4Turquoise Mage
can't wait to see what happens next i love how the two stories explain the other one from different pov's its truly amazing.
9/1/2008 c5 DefineNightmare
o I like this too!


update sooN!
3/26/2008 c5 6Zyril
This story is wonderful! I was completely addicted! I can't wait until the next chapter is put up! You are awesome!
2/18/2008 c5 Lile Arresty
Well, ... I think this is easier to read than Black Book. You (as the reader) can better connect with the characters, and of course it's the more common type of writing. Hm so my idea about that book beeing there on purpose was wrong. Nonetheless I changed my opinion about Marc. Now I think he has finally found his soulmate (which he searched for all his live according to Black Book) and won't compromise his relationship intentionally or unintentionally. I'm still not sure why he didn't talk about his previous relationships. Maybe he doesn't want to scare Ryan away who is so delicate and has low self esteem?

Am I right when I think this chapter happens after chapter 9 in Black Book? So if you are indecisive which chapter to write next I would like it to be a Black Book chapter. Ah and I'm really curious how Marc will react when he finds that Ryan read his notebook and this was the reason for his srtange behaviour the last weeks. I don't think he would become mad, would he? I don't think so.

Anyway I know it is quite some time since you last updated but I hope you still find some time to do so. Please don't just abandon your poor readers. ;)
11/4/2007 c5 Renee
Hello. I'm usually one of those people who read and don't write a review. Yeah. Well, I just finished reading both this and the Black Book Index up to this point, and I have to say, I absolutely love your writing style, pacing, characterization... I can't wait for more. The Black Book Index says it hasn't been updated for about a year, but Between the Pages says that it was updated in June... I guess that college came in between, and I understand that, but is there going to be more as you've said in your author's notes? I really want to see if the Black Book Index has a part about Marc meeting Ryan, and how will Marc discover what Ryan has been doing, and how will he react? I really hope you go on. If you're posting the story somewhere else, or if you decide to go on hiatus, could you state it somewhere in the stories or on your profile? Thank you!
10/16/2007 c5 5Squirrel Activist
WHY has it been so long since you've updated?

This and Black Book Index.

These two stories are like... the two stories that I'm constantly hoping will have been updated, but they never are!

I mean, I understand if you're really busy with school and stuff, but if you could maybe devote just 15 minutes or so a day to writing those two stories, that would be awesome?
9/23/2007 c5 1merrymowmow
I was wondering when you're going to update?
9/9/2007 c5 Fim
Wow, it's been so long since I've been over here that I can't remember my password or anything. But I had a conversation about little black books and I suddenly remembered your stories, and thought, hey they might be finished by now...

But they're not! *Cries* Ok, I totally get the whole uni thing and how it completely eats into every facet of your life. The end is in sight for me - I graduate this year. Later on in your time at uni, you will (if you're anything like me) find time to procrastinate again, and thus write. (Or, if you're me, get sucked into a fandom vortex and then spend 18 months reading fanfics... whoops)

Anyway, so I can appreciate that you haven't had much time to write. I was somewhat nervous about returning to your stories, as I've become somewhat more critical of writers after spending so much time reading/procrastinating. The fandom I fell into is FULL of very mature, talented writers, and raised the bar on what I had been reading previously. HOWEVER, your stories surprised me in that re-reading them, particularly Between the Pages and The Black Book Index, the plots were still leaving me hanging for more and the characters were believable. So PLEASE, KEEP WRITING!

I'm glad that Ryan seems to be evolving, he's very sweet, but it's good to see more sides to him. And well done on the sex - you did it well, and you have my admiration (as I haven't got the knack for writing plausible sex scenes at all).

PLEASE WRITE MORE SOON! I'm going to start checking back here now, and will nag if necessary...
7/21/2007 c1 AnnaG.Luv
i love this side story because it makes Ryans insecurities in the black book index seem more personable and real.

and the fact marc recognizes it makes me like him even more!
6/27/2007 c5 7SarryMatts
You're back! You have no idea how happy I am about that, I've missed you, your writing and your stories. The chapter wasn't so bad, you've built a bit on how they interact and how Ryan is feeling. I'm feeling quite sorry for Ryan at the moment. I can't wait to read more.

You have a better chance of waving to Dan, we haven't spoken since January.
6/17/2007 c5 28Tsuyunoinochi Koukyo
Yay, an update! I'm excited. =D Although I can't quite remember what's going on... so I'm going to go back and read more.

Your style of writing is amazing. ^_^ Hoping to see a new chapter soon!
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