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10/18/2006 c2 a friend
seriously joel! ur story is just as um out there as sams... lol ur all crazy!
9/5/2006 c9 2Sambo2612
Wow. This story is getting hell interesting now. Your story writin skills have gotten even better since last time. Hopefully you wanna write another chappy soon :P

6/1/2006 c8 Sambo2612
Ah finally another chapter, and it was hell good aye. It had a good amount of action and the faggot bit was hilarious, and a good cliffhanger for part 2. Cant wait to see the update man.

4/19/2006 c1 Amber
Uh-hm, very interestingthere. Have to read more to decide whether I like it or not, sorry. Your langage, though simple, is effective, as the characters come across extremely stupid, which I guess they are. Have fun writing the rest.
4/13/2006 c1 PleaseDeleteThisAccountMods
ty for ur review. this is very interesting. kepp going, uv got my attention. lol keep ritin
4/2/2006 c7 skywolf
kooliez i love it and thats alot! man o man is this good though it sounds nothing like you mur not shallow and stigy on money! newayz i hope u add me in2 the story sumwere and otherwise this is kool! sweet peace in.
3/24/2006 c7 Sambo2612
"“Mira,” the girl said holding out her hand to Mur.“Mur,” Mur replied taking her hand and shaking it softly." HAHAHA god that was funny, this was a pretty good chapter, but im confused whether the brunette is a spy as well or not (cuz she said "“Well, we are all spies, for a government agency,”" so i dunno. But good job again. from MUR DIDDY
3/19/2006 c6 triple cheese
umm kinda interesting i guess good plot continue soonn
3/19/2006 c6 Sambo2612
Haha! Swedish accent! u SOB! hehe kidn man but i got the message :P. But this is turning out to be a great build up for the invasion.

But, doing the part of the constructive criticiser, after Smithy and Spyder came in, the only problem with the start was that it was as if the world only consisted of ashikkys and diddys, but its good to see more characters coming in. Also you explained where the diddys come from which was good. But theyre kool now, a book from us would be awesome-o. Nice fast update as well :).
3/18/2006 c6 mastifo
Gee, i like Spyder, he seems to have the stuff alright. and i like the way that there are more characteds coming into play now, this is really turning out to be an awesome story. can't wait for the next chapter hey, this is awesome.
3/18/2006 c5 Sambo2612
Mwahaha reviewin this from dads house, nice chapter again man, interesting part with the backmasking. Kickin ass rum diddy mur
3/18/2006 c5 mastifo
nice chapter, i liked it, but to me it was a tad weird. i mean, why would Mur go and get something then not tell Rum, well, i guess he did, kinda semi cliff hanger, i like it, update soon please.
3/17/2006 c4 mastifo
Nice work man, this is a excellent chapter, the drama created by the Ashikky's watching the tape of the diddy's was like...wow. and the way you matched the tape and the actuall chapter 2, was heaos good, flawless, well done
3/17/2006 c4 Sambo2612
WOW that was so wicked, i actually pictured the whole scene, definately one of the most detailed chappies ive ever read on anything in fictionpress. its a shame noone else is reading...grr. excellent update!

PS all i cud think of wen Morozoff talked was kyle it was so funny!:):)
3/15/2006 c3 mastifo
Hey, this is another pretty good chapter, maybe just slightly a little to thirsty :P but no one is complaining, i can see a great story line devoloping here, please do continue.
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