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for To Gather Broken Stone

5/29/2006 c4 109mistressKC
It was a wonderful and interesting fanfic, but I already told you that ^_^. Did you receive my email?
4/28/2006 c4 14Mr. Raven
i enjoyed this immensly, though there were a few grammer problems.

any thoughts toward continuing it?

(Adler reminds me of the "new" Doctor Who)
4/15/2006 c4 6Count of Casualty
Oh wow... I seriously wanted to start crying at the end of this chapter. Why hasn't anyone else read this? Dang... I'm going to endorse this like crazy! This story is so awesome! I love it. Are you planning on continuing it? I hope so. *puppy eyes*

A few technicalities:

You changed the spelling of Rickie's name in one of the chapters. You spelled it "Ricky."

There was a "you're" instead of "your" somewhere. (I really should have done this as I read... -_-)

You changed Dr. Adler's hat color from black to grey at one point.

That's all I can remember, sorry.

Awesome work! :D

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