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for Too Late

5/18/2006 c1 5theinvisiblewarrior
Really good poem.. sorta makes you treasure the people in your life now cuz they won't always be there. Overall, really great.

5/17/2006 c1 31Suicidal Romance
good work! i like the kinds of poems that start of making you think.


p.s. i luv the laughing maniacally thing in ur profile. muahahaha!
5/16/2006 c1 234angelcloudsh
wow, you're writing moves me
5/15/2006 c1 9Aluminum Tinkerbell
I really like this! Nice usage of words there!

Good job!

P.S. I love your name...Toxic-Noodle. O_O
4/21/2006 c1 B34utifulDr34mer
i really like this poem, its like a movie summed into a poem. wow that would be a HOT movie. great now aim daydreaming about this movie, already got my actors in mind...
4/13/2006 c1 132mizu no kokoro
very personal touch to it. nicely done

keep writing!
4/1/2006 c1 11hippos-anoonymus
Awesome poem, (love the author note by the by...wink wink). You know what this poem reminds me of...guess guess!

okay I'l tell u

a panic at the disco! song, especially this part, "said the man with the white lab coat" I don't know why, I think this would be an awesom panic song you should send them this poem and tell them to make it into song dedicated to you and ...me cuz I pointed it out and I love them with all my HEART AND SOUL! (picture me doing that one thing that I do to my leadsinger ...ya know) heh heh (other reviewers who read this part its not sumtin pornographic or anything it just funny. I mean come own I'm not THAT perverted
3/11/2006 c1 197the Stranger in the moonlight
This was so sweet, bitter sweet. Real friendships can start like that, I used to be a horrible person to my now best friend. The thing about best friends is that they teach you to be better and help you grow.


the Stranger in the moonlight.
3/11/2006 c1 2W3DNESDAY
lol your author's note debut was a fabulous success. the poem was pretty good too. hahaha. great story behind it and good structure. i loved the ending too. nice work!

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