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for Burn My Skin

10/4/2006 c1 197the Stranger in the moonlight
Harsh, angry, powerful.

I liked the format you wrote it in.

~the Stranger in the moonlight~
9/1/2006 c1 31Leaving Here
B I G words!i love!
6/1/2006 c1 80magnusthewolf
very nice images and words. great job i liked it a lot :)
4/19/2006 c1 83White is a Sin
Interesting...almost harmonious..like part of a song...good work...

Well, thanks for the review ^_^ much appreciated.
4/10/2006 c1 The Postscript
I enjoyed reading this! Great Job! ~xoxo~
4/7/2006 c1 26braindead1345
not sure what its about, but i love it!
4/7/2006 c1 31Holly Rose E
it may be short, but it holds a lot of emotion and sort of lingers even after its over. good job.
3/18/2006 c1 76eden is burning
Very interesting and powerful poem
3/15/2006 c1 ii
You have an interesting idea of what words rhyme...

Anyway, it's a nice poem, but the font decoration wasn't necessary. When you have a poem that works by itself (like this one), it's best to leave the words alone, or maybe add a few italics to highlight things.

All the formatting makes it look like the tasteless angst rants posted here and since it's not, it would be a better idea to let the words use their power.
3/15/2006 c1 106Windup Hopping Lederhosen
Welcome to life with my ex-boyfriend.
3/14/2006 c1 Benjamin - To Be Deleted
I like the way you spaced the words, and the way you did the format. Very nice. thanks for reviewing my masks poem. I really appreciate it.

3/14/2006 c1 133Dying Rose
I love the formatting of this poem, it really brings it out. It's very well written. I like the first two lines best. It's a powerful, meaningful poem and flows well despite the somewhat forced rhyme scheme. Great job!
3/13/2006 c1 132mizu no kokoro
the format really brought certain parts out with more power.

keep writing!
3/13/2006 c1 237classic violet
like watching a boy from far away. just one look is all it takes.

man, i love this. simple yet beautiful.
3/13/2006 c1 fasgagasga
pretty good, like how you change the fonr for some of the words, gives it a good charactor maybe is the word to it.
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