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for chameleon colored love

6/21/2007 c1 Tytherpol
it's really really good.

"gulp" bothers me,

but i guess just b/c it's a strong word.

i really like it. (:
7/25/2006 c1 12khaoskit
Awesome! =D You were right, the thing that I did write is a little like this one. ^-^; Mine was written when I actually took one shot per line though, and while having the damned fight with my girlfriend. It really was a product of drunken inspiration.

I love this one though and am really glad that I checked it out. I've got a new one up titled Haze, if you're interested.

Well, keep writing! =d Cause it's al good, baby!

4/23/2006 c1 21Choke on this
fucking awesome, what can i say? i LOVE the first line though: "I drank shots of your radioactive chameleon colored love" FAWESOME
3/22/2006 c1 173sunshineofyourlife
oh wow. i know i say wow a lot, but just woah. i love it. i am totally infatuated with this poem(not really, but that's about how much i love it!)!

-sunshine :D
3/22/2006 c1 24Rhea-lyze
I love the alcohol imagery in this. Congrats on finding something to compare love to that isn't cliche. I also like the addition of the words in parenthesis. Good work!
3/21/2006 c1 71Kionesworld
oh wow. graphic, but in a good way. I haven't ever heard love described this way; it's really amazing.
3/17/2006 c1 129Oriel Lysandra
I really like the idea, and how well yo uconvey this. I was thinking considerign heartbreak as a form of withdrawl the other night btu decided against it, in fear of it being too cliche. You managed to express this concept within the realsm of your own creativity. I appluad this.

(I have never been a big fan of parenthesis in poems though.)
3/16/2006 c1 a lonely september
shit, this is incredible. this just drags you in (& i know that's overused, but it's so true in this case) your writing is incredible.

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