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for Life, continued

4/8/2006 c8 ddz008
Great chapter!I'm glad Mike is supporting Will, he needs help at deciding that Jackie is bad for him. Hope to see the next chapter pretty soon, please! :D :D :D
4/7/2006 c8 10afk
oh thank god for mike *worships him* please don't make him and brett go wrong T_T

and as for will, i feel bad for him, but uh he did bring it on himself... hhasha
4/7/2006 c8 Ashye
YES! Jackie had better be gone for good. I hate his guts, honestly. I can't really say that about a lot of people, but something about the way Jackie is just makes me want to vomit. I still love your story entirely too much, and I can't wait for more!
4/7/2006 c8 diebyownhands
I hope it works!

I still want something bad to happen to Jackie I just enjoy vengence a lot...but as long a as Will gets over him I'll be happy
4/7/2006 c8 25Esquirella
*cringes at Brett being in a dangerous place knowing what you're capable of pulling on me when you mention stuff like that.* Man, it was good to see Michael again. I missed his soft-spoken firmness in dealing with Will's mistakes. And he's cheating on Brett? *sigh* Well, he is human and Brett's gone for 5 months at a time. But it's still sad that poor Brett can't get the one thing he's always wanted: a monogamous relationship. I hope Will learns all the dirty, bad things Jackie did to help him stay away from him. Jackie's definitely not a good boyfriend.
4/7/2006 c8 7SarryMatts
No more Jackie? I'm hoping Will can manage that, it'll be good if he can find someone else that is actually a nice person and respects him. I loved this scene (probably because of Mike because he's my favourite of al your characters) and it's going to be interesting to see what other crap Jackie pulled while they were together.

4/6/2006 c8 5Yoyo-chan
Poor Will. I hope he finds someone better than Jackie. Poor Brett and Michael. I wonder how long they'll last. (Weird that Brett's 30. Wasn't he only like 23 when we met him?)

Too much realism. Can't you write something fluffy where nothing bad ever happens?
4/1/2006 c7 Collar de Espinas
Can't be arsed to log-in... Yes, I'm a lazy shite.

GOD, Jackie is a shit! I want to throttle him for being such a blasted coward!

Poor Will...really, for a smart kid he makes the most spectacularly stupid decisions when it comes to Jackie and love, so I suppose it's a good thing Jackie is out of the picture...
3/31/2006 c7 ddz008
Great chapter...So Jackie left him and in a cowardly way ¬¬ I hope things go better for Will now... Michael and Brett are going to be so dissapointed.Keep writing, please! :)
3/31/2006 c7 4mandrake-o
Will's a crazy, crazy boy. And yet, he doesn't really seem to be missing Jackie that much. Or is that just me hoping he'll move on without too much trouble?

The deputy at my high school used to tell all these stories that began "When I was a little boy..." always amusing, always easy to tell when the moral was coming, always easy to ignore the moral. We loved that man. Can you tell I only reviewed to reminisce to someone who has no idea?

=) Mandraco.
3/31/2006 c7 10afk
argh will get a grip! find a new hot sexy man! lol

so yes i get to excited XD me wants new chap! pwease
3/31/2006 c7 cursive love
My heart goes out to Will. He can't help from loving Jackie. I can't really blame him for wanting to go back to fix things. It's so tragic how terribly he's being treated. I really want things to get better for him. And soon!
3/31/2006 c7 32eldrin
I'm rather dissapointed in Will...wishing to go back in time and fix things on HIS part so that he could still have Jackie. Ah, well, I can only hope that he comes to his senses.

Great chapter.
3/31/2006 c7 Ashye
NO...I so very badly wanted Will to be the one that dumps Jackie. It might be silly but it would do so much if we could see Jackie actually get what he deserves. Make them get back together so Will can dump him. Pretty please?Okay so that's not likely. I still hope Jackie gets SOMETHING in return for all the shit he's pulled with Wll. Who is Jackie's new boyfriend anyway?This is a great story. I feel as angry for Will as I would for one of my own friends if this had happened to them.Sorry this is so long.
3/31/2006 c7 7SarryMatts
wow, I've spent all day reading your stories (I'm ill and in vbed and its made the day so much better) and I have to say you are probably one of the best writers on fictionpress, you get real life written perfectly.

I feel so bad for Will, Jackie is an arsehole, Will can do so much better but I suppose you can't chose the one you love.

~serenap.s. the end of my lover, Voictor made me cry it was so sad but I wasx so happy you m,ade Mike happy with Bret. I love them both.
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