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for Life, continued

7/11/2006 c23 ali
I don't really understand... are Michael and Brett broken up, or has Brett just been gone a really long time and Michael wants him to come back? I hope they're not broken up.I love your story! I'm sad it's over... you'll be doing a sequel with more from the characters, right? I desperately want to know what happens with Brett and Michael. I also want to know how Jamie is after some time.
7/11/2006 c23 Spiral Kisses
I haven't reviewed this yet but after his chapter i just had to. 22 (which I only just read) and 23 really touched something in me and I just wanted to compliment you on your emphatic writing. This story isn't plastic. Its gritty and real an thats what makes it all the better.

7/11/2006 c23 green
I like this chapter also. It is nice that Jamie will have his best friend for some company after Terry. I am glad about the misfortune about to fall on Jackie and Terry's brother. Tom and Will are good together and its good that Mike will foster Teagon. Mike might stop cheating and Brett might stop being gone for long periods of time.Do write again soon, eh? Maybe something about Brett and Michael.
7/11/2006 c23 diebyownhanIds
I loved the chp. I'm so glad Jackie will be getting wht he deserves and I'm happy that will and Tom work so good together
7/10/2006 c23 8Sundown
Another fabulous chapter from a fabulous writer. The funeral description was sad without the general funeral-story mishap of being far too melodromatic- I thank you highly for ridding this of the melodrama and just keeping it raw. Even though Terry's character has passed on, he still has such an effect - sending Jamie to be with Brett...it's adorable. You know how much I love love love Mikey and Brett, so I was thrilled that this chapter surrounded discussions about those two a lot. Tom is an excellent match for Will. As always, wonderfully written, and eagerly awaiting the next installment!
7/10/2006 c23 5Yoyo-chan
So that was the last chapter? XD I love these characters so much and I can't wait to see what happens next.
7/10/2006 c1 a lonely september
this reminds me of will & grace. . . will, jackie... the homosexuality...
7/3/2006 c22 8Sundown
Oh my god... not Terry! I swear i nearly had tears in my eyes reading that ending. The race scene was so beautiful, and then the ending just was so sad. Thos chapter was really an emotional tug of war. Fabulous writing as always, you always manage to keep me on edge...great chapter. Poor Jamie!
7/1/2006 c22 ddz008
Great chapter!I almost thought that something was really wrong with Tom in the race! T_T But I'm glad he won and that they are together! :)But... Terry died! And he was such a great character! T_T It's so sad!Hope you update soon! :D
7/1/2006 c1 3BabyKeepItSurreal
I'm just curious, are you going to write another story with Will's POV? I hope you are going to continue writing about your Brisbane characters...because I love them so very much. Maybe a story from Tom's POV?
6/30/2006 c22 green
When you update the last chapter can you tell us if you are going to write another Brisbane story or when you are going to write it. I love your stories.
6/29/2006 c22 green
second to last?Terry's dead!Are you going to right more stories because I will hunt you down if you don't. I just cannot take the thought of no more Brisbane Stories.
6/28/2006 c22 32eldrin
I was exulting in Tom's win, and his and Will's togetherness and happiness, then quietly wringing my hands with Michael's news. The entire chapter is beautifully handled.
6/28/2006 c22 16Collar de Espinas
Second last chapter? *AND* Terry's dead!

You're absolutely horrible to us, y'know that?

I loved Terry and Jamie so much as a couple... I can't believe that's over now. I'm so upset!

However, it was a nice balance I suppose, juxtaposing the start of a new relationship with the ending of an old one.

I thought the way that Tom and Will interacted was really great, very natural. I loved the fact that Will actually slept through the start of the race and that Tom didn't seem to be mad about that. That kiss was wonderful- you had me grinning like an idiot.

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter, so I hope you update soon.
6/28/2006 c22 10afk
T_T!omg terry..he was reaaly one of my fav characters... i'm so sad, and happy aww you did a good balance with this chap..gawd i wouldn't be able to kill my characters O_o brave grl!
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