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for Life, continued

6/23/2006 c21 19diebyownhands
Oh man, you had me worried for a minute there.

The whole last part where Tom comes to see him is just perfect lol
6/23/2006 c21 25Esquirella
Will is AWESOME here! He's finally taking control of things instead of letting them happen. And Seth is just the smartest guy in the world to make him see that he loves Tom. GREAT developments!
6/23/2006 c21 Sundown
I know I havent reviewed this yet, and I just read the entire thing in one whole sitting. It is an incredible story...well written and its excellent how Will's character develops slowly into an adult. Ah its just so excellent...i love hearing about Brett and Michael still. Thanks for the intriguing read hun! xx can't wait for more.
6/23/2006 c21 1The Inkslinger
Hah Hah, I'm psychic. I got an update e-mail, (I love your stories to death but am a horrible, horrible, horrible and sporadic reviewer. But I still cherish the stories oh so much!) but anyway, I got the FP story alert e-mail, but Hotmail is a pansy and wouldn't let me open the freaking mail, so, because I'm psychic, I knew it must have been you who had updated. And behold, you did!

Or, wait. Maybe I'm not very psychic, and you just happen to be, perhaps, the only person on my update list? Uhn. That seems more likely.

Anyway, sorry for that distration. I had to share because it's one in the morning and my brain really, truly, does not work this late/early.

Anyway~ Ohmygod, please let Will and Tom work out, please, please, please! I love them almost as much as I love Brett and Mike! Please, please, please! They're too cute. So cute!

And actually, this was a sweet chapter. Sometimes the unhappy/cliff-like endings make me grind my teeth in frustration (oh yes) but this was quite peaceful and optimistic. Particularily considering the beginning, wherein I was quite pissed off at Tom/the story in general.

Ah, they're so cute. It's about time Will got a boyfriend who's actually worthy. Please let it work out!

Thank you so much for your wonderful writing! I adore it! And I'm sorry to be such a horrible, terrible reviewer, but know that I'm always reading and loving it!

::much love::

6/23/2006 c21 4mandrake-o
Just as I was beginning to worry that this story was going nowhere you threw a little drama into the mix.

Nup, this story's still great.

=) Mandraco.
6/23/2006 c21 5Yoyo-chan
6/22/2006 c20 10afk
lovely hawt capter, ithink it's one of my favourites! and i dun like tom's family much -_- evil evil
6/19/2006 c20 25Esquirella
Tom's parents are bastards for blindsiding him like that. Will was probably the only one there thinking of what was best for Tom. Another amazing chapter!
6/18/2006 c20 32eldrin
Another great update.
6/18/2006 c20 5Yoyo-chan
This is the first time I think they might not be so bad together.
6/18/2006 c20 19diebyownhands
aw is it just me or are Wills feelings starting to grow?
6/12/2006 c19 Josie
I love your stuff unreasonably, and I hope you never stop writing your Brisbane stories.Will is a great character, and I love how you manage to write in your particular style, while each of your characters have a subtly distinguishable voice and tone of their own.I so want to know how Will will get along, and Tom just doesn't seem right for him at this point. And Terry... it makes me want to cry. Even though it's written kind of matter of fact-ly. I've had a family member die of cancer, and the last part of ch.19 hits me below the belt, so to speak.This said, I worship you as it is, but if you were to get Will and Jamie into bed together, I might sacrifice a goat or sumthin' in your honour... Doesn't really matter when or how, and I really can't see them as a couple, but them having sex would be - just, hot! (I kinda fancy Jamie, too..) And think of the possibilities, the soap if Brett were to find out (he better not)... Also, Brett and Mike are left afloat with their problems only seen through Will's eyes - I worry for them with the cheating.Ok, enough coaxing. I can't wait for more, I really can't. Cheers!
6/9/2006 c19 ddz008
Great chapter!Terry is dying! T_T It is too sad! I always new he was going to die.. but it's really sad to know that know he is truly dying. I hope you understand what I mean. Keep writing, please! :D
6/8/2006 c19 4mandrake-o
I love Will and it's sad about Terry. That sounds so artificial that I think I might puke. And that sentence was so cliched that I think I'll have to puke again.

Now you've made me want a mandarin, which I basically live off them in winter. Okay, so I don't, but I was on two a day before my sister remarked that they were all getting eaten. But there were so many!

=) Mandraco.
6/7/2006 c19 32eldrin
It is hard to imagine your stories without Terry's ever-interfering presence.

I just have to say that no other fictional characters feel as real to me as these guys do. I love your work.
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