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for The Sky is Crying

8/25/2006 c1 12Kurt Wagner
Talk about deja view. I wrote a poem that I was reluctant to post with the same title. The actual piece is completely different, but the title is exactly the same. Odd, no?

Anyway, I like yours alot better :) Very inspiring, although a tad cynical. I like it, well done.
3/20/2006 c1 Herminia
Wow. I like this poem. I love the imagery. I love the last line: "But its merely fabrication." Good job!
3/20/2006 c1 17sunday night sky
you hav a lovely way with words, it flows really well. i love the title :) great piece!
3/15/2006 c1 19shade monger
wow. that's pretty awesome. and you complain about your writings...

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