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8/29/2008 c13 24fairies and snapple
This is funny, and so many of the points you make are so, seriously true. I'm also always grateful for suggestions for good stories (I always ask people for suggestions), having recently found myself stuck in the story rut myself, and once the mildly annoying website bothers to fix the "search" button again, I'll look up some of these, too!
4/15/2008 c13 22Coolchan
Yay, you ranted about stereotypes! I see those so much in manga, it makes me wanna scream. I read manga to escape the Western conventions, only to find... more conventions. Most frustrating.

And of course it's Lui's fault. He ruins everything with his over thoughtfulness and brooding. Bah.
4/14/2008 c13 10Eet
GAH! I just discovered this, and I love it. It's really insightful, and my favorite part is the rants. I like to see which of these I (relievedly) do not do, and the ones I (unfortunately) am guilty of.

So far, I'm not guilty of many of them, except that my asshole character is sexy. Also, I do tend to use cheesy romantic cliches, but I do my best to make original and fun.

Speaking of which, I would love it if you could review my story Trouble was Our Game. After not doing anything with it in forever, I'm really starting to get into the groove of writing it again. I'd really appreciate the exposure for it, and some of that lovely constructive criticism stuff that is so rare anymore.

Constructive criticism for you: Your rants are always useful, but your raves are not. However, I definitely understand the lack of inspiration sometimes.
4/14/2008 c13 Sophie Ulquiorra Allen
It's nice to see that you're dealing with different subject matter each time. I like your suggestions for the genre 'expansion' as well, kudos to you on that!

I was wondering if you might pop over to my account and take a look at 'Enigmatic Darling'? I don't know if it's up your alley or not...
4/13/2008 c8 22Coolchan
I noticed one of your reviewers mentioned that violet eyes exist, so I popped it into Google. Apparently, albinos can have violet eyes, since albinos usually have blue eyes, but, depending on the amount of pigmentation to the eyes, they can also be pink or red. Red and blue make violet, so the color is possible, if extremely, extremely rare and only found in albinos.

...I'm now tempted to write a story starring an albino, only because they're so often cast as villains. coughDaVinciCodecough
9/30/2007 c12 27ClassicTrick
these rants have actually helped a lot in my writing, it helps me point out things that I'm doing wrong and I try to fix them, so for that thanks!

and I would love for you to give me some constructive critism on my characters/plot/(anything basically) of my story "Heart of a Dragon"

and I'll check out some of these stories that you're recommending...
8/20/2007 c6 Caellagh
thanx for the advice! ♥
8/20/2007 c4 Caellagh


i only get an hour of internet a day too!

but i try to make reviews in every chapter!

this is a really good piece.

not something you see everyday! ♥

8/19/2007 c2 47Dave500
i personally hate people who overuse cussing, though i haven't seen it to much here
8/19/2007 c12 Dave500
i love this tuff, also i have added your quote "To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer…" to my profile becaue i love this quote.
8/19/2007 c1 ha ha
i'm not flamming you
8/18/2007 c1 Fractured Illusion
Just to make sure you get 100 hundred reviews, here I am!

Woot, lovely essay. Rants rocks! (and sci-fis are getting more original? Eh? Why are people still complaining then?)

Sucky thing about them lazy flamers now. Ack. They just don't flame like they used to ^^;

- Frac
8/18/2007 c12 Fractured Illusion
Hehe, I am reading that piece too, right now :P Rants are awesome.

But man, more meat on the Raves! Your lack of enthusiasm is wounding me. Sniff!

Nice as always! Now...err...update? Why, yes!
8/18/2007 c11 Fractured Illusion
The lack of reviews probably emits from general laziness. Also, I have noticed A LOT of authors going "gimme concrit and nuthing else. Normal comments aren't worthy" blabla, which is awfull discouraging to potential reviewers, which also might just terrify them from reviewing at all, since they might feel they aren't up to par.

Whoa a lot of might there :/ But I definitly think that if people laid down the whole "only concrit" babble, people would feel more encouraged.

Ok I am getting off topic.

Update-rate have anything to do w review rate? Hmm.. I think so. I find it incredibly annoying if someone updates too often. I mean, there IS real life, and when the alerts starts to clog up the email then it just becomes a chore. Once every other week would be nice enough of a period for me :P

Anyhowsie, goodie goodie chapter as always :P
8/18/2007 c10 Fractured Illusion
I was not aware two ! was the max. I thought either one (!) or three (!) but maybe that's because I have a thing for odd numbers. Personally I don't really recommend neither two nor three :/ One is enough.

"and the new look is very similar to (or is it .net?)"

to -? To what? Similar to what?

"Characters actually develop throughout"

'starts to chuckle' Hun, the story has got 233 chapters. They BETTER develop :/

Nice chapter as always, but I feel the rave is lacking, still.

- Frac
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