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8/19/2011 c1 7A-Crimson-Memory
Hahahahaha I was laughing the entire time! The first opening paragraph had my mind in the gutter instantly and then you said cantelope and I nearly fell out of my bed from laughing so hard! This one was pretty hilarious! I like this one:)
8/12/2011 c1 1Sushay1221
I loved all the sexual induindos.
11/16/2009 c1 8dizzymslizzy
i love it! its great how dirty the thoughts r without ever actually bein dirty
5/12/2008 c1 6Satan'z Myth
Ha ha..that was funny - plotless, mindless jabber..love it ! :D
12/7/2007 c1 5xXHaunted CookieXx
oh, dear... lol, I loved it *hands you a cookie*

Wow, a bet? I never would have guessed.

I can't believe the beggining! Oh dear, I think my mind needs a cold shower and a little lie-down...

Very well written, and funny too!

2/20/2007 c1 tia-blue
I'd reveiw but i can't stop laughing! that was so cute!
9/1/2006 c1 1Lidyah

The bet was...This was very detailed and very sexy.
6/23/2006 c1 heart race
this story inspired me to being eating cantelope sensually. oh, so good. nice job!
5/31/2006 c1 20love.strawberries
So funny! I loved it, though I don't think I can eat again without thinking naughty thoughts!
5/27/2006 c1 Set
I really liked this story a lot, it's very misleading but a humorous event. Who knew playing with food could be That dirty? Well written too, the description in the beginning made me think...erm, quite a few different things. And then, Boom! Cantaloupe. First thought: Awh...poor guy. I'll be lurking around reading more :-p
5/3/2006 c1 54rainbowskye
I really enjoyed this ^_^ It was really desciptive, although it wouldn't have worked anywhere near as well as it did if it weren't, but it's not done in a way that's hard to read. Also it's very amusing so yay for that.
4/22/2006 c1 1chibicherrychan
Okay, that was hot! Some peolpe can try forever to figure out how to eat sexily and simply come out looking like clowns, but this here was blissful! And what a finale! It was a bet? Hadn't seen it coming at all. The title, and the final line that completes it and tells us to get our minds out of the gutter, that's just rich! Yes, truly an interesting read. (I read this a while back yet I couldn't review then, but I just had to come back and tell you how original I found it)

4/7/2006 c1 1Lelie
*giggles* Wow, that was great. You write the most enthralling things. I'm sorry that I haven't gotten much of a chance to check out everything in your port even though I really want to. I haven't had much time to just sit and read in front of the computer screen. I haven't had much time to write either, which sucks even more because I want the next chapter out on my story but I seem to not be able to really start it.

Oh yes, I have another small chapter up on Punk Parody if you get the time. It's really short though : / but I hope you like it.

*Hugs then goes off to prowl through more of your work and leave you long comments.*
3/27/2006 c1 Neko
Ooh, so cute! I will *Defiately* read more of your work. Now, if you'll excuse ne...-scuttles back to your index to find more stuff-
3/19/2006 c1 4Mage Dudette
hahaha! excellant! *applaudes* ^_^
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