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6/23/2006 c1 5Whoregasmic
yep chick you rawkand btw this is whoregamor jessicafrom myspace :)i got a new account on herejust thought i should tell you

6/22/2006 c1 54kaylajac
oh, this is beautiful.

'& we are mocha, mixed, shades of greywe see in running water-coloursleaving emotion on our clothes-sleeves'

i adore that...gorgeous imagery.
6/2/2006 c1 17fontanellemonster
ahh...totally sweet and beautiful and romantic and makes me want to melt...lovely
5/22/2006 c1 68this is britt
this is absolutely lovely Jess. really, it comes together quite well- everything is so heartfelt.
4/26/2006 c1 a lonely september
how could i have missed this? im so behind on my reviewing, and this was just amazing. god it's awesome. i know you're like 'wtf is up with this bitch?' but wow... this is awesome. i love it. i've always loved your writing, it's awesomeawesome. i can't even pick out specific lines or anything, it's all so awesome. i love the theme. i love how it's written and what it's written about. awesome.
3/31/2006 c1 63lackluster
lovely. the words feel fregile and that's beautiful.
3/29/2006 c1 95Ellin Louise
amazing poem .
3/26/2006 c1 Ajna
Gorgeous, gorgeous piece. I love the images you create with your words. Wow, this made me shiver a little.
3/25/2006 c1 115HauntedMisery
Wow, that was amazing, just... i dont have words for it, excellent piece
3/18/2006 c1 65Aquafied
& we are mocha, mixed, shades of grey-delicious

it has an odd, sour flavor. but perhaps delicate
3/18/2006 c1 83Prevaricate
Fantastic. Great subject to right on, and wonderful way to portray it.

The line "& we are mocha, mixed, shades of grey" is very, very nice imagery.

As always, I quite enjoyed it.
3/18/2006 c1 Caraclara
This was a beautiful poem! I love the themes, especially the one about taking chances. Really well done.
3/18/2006 c1 90WiltingBlackRose
I love this poem.It does much justice to inter-racial relationships. People should know that it is okay and in fact is quite beautiful as you have put it.
3/18/2006 c1 41Devidedistand
Nice. Romantic. Making me want to drink coffee...

I like the repetition. But if it had gone on any longer, it would have been boring.

The reference to watercolours makes the whole ordeal seem dreaming, surreal, smooth and refreshing (like coffee?).
3/18/2006 c1 24she's not breathing
ack. i can't stop smiling. that was beautiful.


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