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3/18/2006 c1 68Neverlander12
You're on acid dude. That stuff fries your brain you know? Granted, it was funny, but in a weird way. A very weird way. So anywho- Great...I guess. Theoretically. Maybe. In a weird, trippy (although pretty funny) way.I wish I could play the flute...maybe I'm on acid... do you think? No really...do you think? Ignore me...or not...either is just as good. Peachy. Have a nice day...er...night...morning...what ever flips your skirt up. Or pants. Whatever floats your boat...or yacht...I like both...or not. I'm not quite sure...Do you think I'm on acid? Huhhuhdoyadoya? I think you do! How racist! It's cuz I'm white isn't it?Wonderful.Be that way! I don't care! I hate everybody anyways! Racists like you are just the icing on the cake! Unless you prefer frosting. Either/or. But, no...really...I do lurve you.


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