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for Circles

4/6/2006 c1 3Takishia
I like the poem, its unique and insightful :)
4/5/2006 c1 3Highgate Cemeter
hey,Well to begin with WOW this is really good and i think you have potental to be a profesionall...any ways good poem
3/27/2006 c1 15Kranky201
Really GOOD Poem you write like it very much. ~Kranky201
3/22/2006 c1 16moralofthestory
Very nice. The use of caesura adds to the general thoughtfulness and seemingly reflective nature of this poem. I like.
3/20/2006 c1 free-to-dream15
I absolutely loved the images you used! *jealous* lol nicely done!
3/20/2006 c1 34Smoky Bear
pretty, whistful images used to convey a wise and important message. very lovely.

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