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for Now, My Sweet

6/28/2012 c1 2heyitsstupidme
I like it, it almost seemed like a song to me when I read it.
4/9/2006 c1 95Ellin Louise
I love this, it's just great. Firstly I love the way this reads, the lines are sharp and stand alone. I love the consistancy, the three lined verses, with the last line always longer than the first two.

There are some amazing lines in there, "You're naked just for show""Make sure you do it slow" are among my favourites of the poem, although they sound better when read with the rest.

Great job on this, adding it to my favs list, I'll have to read some of your other stuff here.
3/21/2006 c1 22Lucid Nonsense
I like the rhythm on this one. The imagery is interesting and vivid.
3/21/2006 c1 D. Rochelle
I love this poem, esp. the 3rd & 4th stanzas. Powerful imagery. I have nothing to critique. Favorited, and keep writing!
3/21/2006 c1 59Sacred-Phoenix-Nephthys
Hey..this was rea;;y good..sounds like sumthin i would write, lol..neways..shoret but awesum...kep it up^_^ Review me sumtime^_^

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