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for Goddess of death

6/26/2007 c1 15Saoirse Devan
OMG, that was really cool, and i am a very, very selective reader. i like the 7th and 8th line, shows directly what she thinks of everyone
5/14/2007 c1 70EyesEmphatic
This is almost frightening. I really like it though. Very well written.
3/25/2007 c1 40JessieJean
Death is the dove and it's words are lying love... Or at least, that may be on easy method of her taking souls. I know it's broken a many hearts...

I love this poem! Wonderful rhyming and formatting, a unique and grand 'story', just beautiful work!
3/10/2007 c1 92burning in effigy
creepy and haunting.. now i'm kind od paranoid, looking around the room


excellent ending!
3/7/2007 c1 Abby Ebon
Rather dark, but it's true enough. Who knows what death is like? And the old 'death is peace' sangs in poems and storys can get irratating...a new look at it is...refreshing at times, did you have any death-goddess in mind when you wrote this, or was it your own?
6/14/2006 c1 13Dawnella
Okay, I know you have a rule to put a comma after every line in poetry, but I don't think that's really necessary if the two separated lines can be linked together. Such as:

"With every death I gain another,Soul in which I can control."

Truly, you don't need the comma there, because then it sounds like she gains another, and then it just randomly talks about souls. In fact, the last line alone is doubtless a fragment.But I still like this poem. The Goddess of Death does seem kind of morbid, but she IS death.
4/26/2006 c1 6Eamene
I really loved the poem! It kicked ass! Can't wait to see what else you write in the future
4/18/2006 c1 1The Getaway Plan
I really like this poem...not sure why, its not as if i have a connection with the Goddess! Well written and with meaning...yeah. Got two thumbs up from me.x
3/21/2006 c1 38the laughing ghost
i like the premise of the poem. although, and it may just be my own morbid fascination, but i think death is one of the most misunderstood deities. she's just doing her job and she gets so much flax for it. anyways. great poem!

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