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for To Love or To Hate? That is the question

9/18/2010 c6 Wanchoo
Good story, was wondering if your going to continue it?
1/27/2010 c6 Ederra
Hi, this is pretty good. I was wondering... what does Josh do for a living? You probably mentioned it and being me, I probably missed it.

Btw, you repeated yourself in chapter 2:

Two hours, two chocolate souffl├ęs... which makes it her home to (the entire paragraph basically).
11/22/2008 c6 darkgurl92
omg..emmy n josh..together..please..

they make such a good couple..not liking ben all

that much..update soon
5/14/2008 c6 Shadow Phoenix lives
aww thats cute! Continue!
4/3/2008 c6 Portrait Of A Dreamer
damn. My email didn't show up in the last one. I dont think it allows emails to be shown properly so its;


at hotmail dot com.

Sorry lol didnt mean to leave two reviews.

4/3/2008 c1 Portrait Of A Dreamer

I have a HORRIBLE feeling that you've abandoned this story. And since I REALLY hope you havent and you are going to update REALLY soon I decided to leave you a review.

There's a couple of things I suppose I can say cause I hate leaving reviews like "OMG SO CUTE UPDATE SOON" because I think they are both pointless and give absolutely NO motivation to keep writing.

Reviews should have substance, which is why I dont give them often, because like this one, they are usually a thousand and one pages long.


I LOVE the story line. Its been quite a while since I've read a story thats been based on characters OUT of highschool. Its so unbelieveably refreshing to read a story that isnt around hormonal teenagers and social pyramids. Though you have proved, much to my humour that its very possible to have a story centred around adults that are still very hormonal and very immature.

Its really VERY impressive.


Greys Anatomy is my favourite television show. I'm unashamed to say I have all three seasons already on DVD box set and am waiting with baited anticipation for the fourth to hit the shelves. The fact that this story is in one aspect very much like Greys Anatomy is something that is very appealing to me, since I love that story line very much also.

One thing I will warn you against though, is to be wary that you dont duplicate the Grey's story line too much. Though right now you aren't in any danger of doing that.


The soulmates element I'm pretty much in love with. I believe in it wholeheartedly and support it with every single ounce of my being. If that makes me a hopeless romantic fine I am one. A closet one perhaps but one all the same.

And the way you've represented it is lovely.

Second Lastly.

Unresolved Sexual Tension. UST as I like to call it, is something I have an infinite and endless adoration for in any piece of fiction. So far its mostly UST on Josh's part, but its UST all the same. So naturally I pretty much have my eyes glued to every paragraph where hes complaining about her hair and her smell and the cold shower he has to take in the mornings.

Its one of my favourite characteristics of your story.


The characters. I'm not going to go on a rant about their depth or their infinite wisdom. Because really your characters are quite SIMPLE, but they have a lot of SUBSTANCE. Something I thank you for because even though in most of my favourite stories the characteres have a LOT of depth, in this one I actually appreciate the fact that they dont have some sordid past or some deep dark secrets, minus their infatuation for each other of course.


Being a person that reviews things honestly, I have to say that your spelling could use SOME corrections, but only very minor, minor adjustments and they are things that could be missed by anyone.

I'm not trying to insult you, just letting you know in case no one else has so you can grow as an author.

Also. I noticed that this story doesnt have a huge amount of reviews, which is another reason why I decided to leave one in the first place.

I know that a lack of reviews can sometimes be a huge blow to an author, and dissuade them from updating regularly or just stop them from writing at all. I think to some point it discourages a LOT of people when they dont get a huge amount of feedback.

But please, no matter how many comments you have gotten, whether it be 1 or 100, dont stop abandon a story, especially this one.

No matter people say in a review, whether it be insanely long and rambling like this one or simply an annoying "OMG SO CUTE PLZ UPDATE PLZ PLZ PLZ" they obviously like the story, or in my case love, and genuinely want to see an update for it.


I hope this review has made you smile, even if it is a small one.

And I sincerly hope that I see an update on this story VERY soon.

Feel free to email me;

As I would love to know when your next updates going to appear and if you plan on continuing this story..

Which I'm now begging (yes and quite pathetically I might add)you to continue.




My apologies for the drawn out review.

Kind regards,


p.s My email is writing.a. please email me if you get a chance, I'd like to know if you are continuing the story.

3/20/2008 c6 SoulSam
i so want to just grab josh and shake him! the little idiot! hey, and wasnt it supposed to be spaghetti night? and he just failed to show up for dinner? someone should throw something at him.

anyways, this fic is really cute and i'm totally smitten. it's been a few months, i really hope you update soon! cannot wait to read more, i want to see how things progress with ben...and how jealous josh gets. would totally serve him right though. waiting anxiously for the next chapter! :)
3/17/2008 c1 pinkeclipse
thanks for posting the story...continue as soon as you can
3/17/2008 c2 pinkeclipse
thanks for the update
3/17/2008 c3 pinkeclipse
thanks for the update
3/17/2008 c4 pinkeclipse
thanks for the update
3/17/2008 c5 pinkeclipse
thanks for the update
3/17/2008 c6 pinkeclipse
please update soon!
10/30/2007 c6 meyna
Why is Josh going after Elizabeth? I think at this point, I like Ben better, though him not asking Emmy out is confusing.

I love the banter between Emmy and Josh. I missed seeing that in this chapter. The power rangers underwear bit was hilarious! I remember having one of those -pink ranger- in 1st grade!

Update soon!
9/29/2007 c1 youpin
Good job.
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