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12/20/2006 c1 8RavenMoon013
Missing matter...

Missing matter...

Um... I'm guessing that 'she' is matter and that's she's been missing, except that she was found... under a girl's bed. I sucked at physics, so pardon me.
5/18/2005 c1 3Kriee.shaa
OMG! The girl is an alien! Judging by the clues you put on there I think she is an alien from another planet or world!

the top astrophysicists... that's one clue right?
2/12/2004 c1 Audreidi
Hmm...I'd like to read more, if you're going to update in the somewhat near future...unlikely as that seems, seeing as this fic is something like 2 years old. LOL
6/13/2003 c1 Pequenino
Er..Do I have to read any particular story to know what this is about? Coz the only thing I can think of is that she's a science miracle which has no place in the physical world.
11/29/2002 c1 Aenea
Okay, I have a vague idea, but not entirely sure...
6/6/2002 c1 Faye
Huh? Umm she running from someone, yea I'm getting that, and she might be the smallest person alive, 'sidering, she could hide under a girls bed for 6 months! Well ok pretty cool
4/20/2002 c1 Liet
The girl is matter right? Could you write an author's note explaining where this came from?
3/27/2002 c1 MASHedPotatoes
I think I understand...wait..no I don't.
2/28/2002 c1 1Bobcat Moran
LOL! Oh, no! It's *bum bum bum* DARK MATTER! or something.
1/12/2002 c1 smileygirlo3
I like it! Where do you think of this stuff? I like how I had to think ^_^
9/7/2001 c1 Razzek
I know what's going on! Very funny; I like humor that you have to think about in order to get the joke. :) Very nice!
7/16/2001 c1 dorkinbabylon
Does it have to do with Stephen Hawking?
6/4/2001 c1 RavanJedi
You just /had/ to clean your room, didn't you? No, honestly, I don't have a clue what's going on... She's the person created by all the missing matter under someone's bed?
5/24/2001 c1 Em
[blinks] what the frickin hell? is that Prof X? O_O Whats going on?
5/5/2001 c1 Arellia Kenobi
At first I thought it was something from Dark Angel (the girl, the guy in the wheelchair), but now I get it... It's your alter ego, right? And everyone from X-Men, SW, and everything else is chasing her b/c of the spoofs?
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