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6/20/2008 c9 6dirt-junkie
Hey! I really like this story and hope you continue to update it. I have to admit though... I only read the Diary bits... The rest well.. I just didn't much care about the other characters. It wasn't until this chapter that I realized that Seth wasn't the one writing the diary.. So I'm going to go back and actually read it. Though I still say the diary entry are the reason I like this story.

Please, please update again!

and.. Well my email address is in my profile, and It would be really really great if you could send me the full chapter of this. I;m looking forward to reading the Diary entries of this Mysterious person.

- Puppet
4/26/2008 c9 12Kurohane Shizumi
Read the full version you gave me. _ Awesome! PLEASE UPDATE~!

I love how Seth is being drawn in and doesn't seem to realize it while vehemently rejecting the idea.

Too cute~!

~Shizu ^_^
4/20/2008 c9 avidmoonstar
Of course, I would become enthralled in a story that you are not resuming at the moment:( Oh well, life keeps me pretty busy so I shouldn't be too heartbroken;)

I really like the story, the diary entries intrigue me the most. So, would you be so kind as to send me the whole chapter? Thanks! Can't wait for the next chapter.
4/14/2008 c9 7Cedric Kale
what the hell. what's with the Warning Content Removed, I mean seriously. This chapter wasn't that good I have to say. But I like it all the same. Update soon .
4/14/2008 c7 Cedric Kale
i guessed the topic woo its sex. yeah I'm smart
4/14/2008 c6 Cedric Kale
logging in was annoyig but anyway. I like you story, very interesting. O, I have a guess as to who the black book belongs to. But I can't say cause I'm gonna be wrong. Kiran is awesome! I like Kou, he's funny.
3/23/2008 c8 nittlegrasper
continue the frigging story! Don't wanna wait a whole lifetime and a half, now do I? Nah, just kidding, take your time at your own pace.
3/21/2008 c8 1softmouse
will you please update this story soon.
2/2/2008 c8 8Lullaby Payne
I love it! It took me awhile to figure out that Seth wasn't the one who had written the book-stupid, yes, but I'm the kind of person who has a lot of head-slapping, "oh my god I'm a retard" sort of moments-but it made sense once I figured it out. So far, Kiran's my favorite character. You have a way of making the perfect mental picture in my mind, without using too many fancy words that I must rush to look up and totally lose my focus. I really like it, and will be waiting anxiously for an update.

By the way, good luck on getting Secrets Hidden In Silence published. I'll probably be annoying the crap out of the bookstore staff, asking if it's been oublished yet. :)
10/18/2007 c8 noone2
Ok... Here goes.


2. I am struggling to fit in as the diary's author - either Shairan (rich dad's kid, bound to have been under control all his life therefore rebelling against it - and also he's rather strangely reacting to new persons; might have to do with that inner feeling of loneliness, and is afraid to reach out. Or was... since he reacted to Kou.) - or Kiran - he's an enigma. He's energetic but lacks energy, doesn't go to parties usually but dances like he's on drugs when he does go, everybody is afraid of having their bad parts exposed to him (and why is that? You're not going to tell me Kiran _is_ Kou's rehabbed brother... are you? Did I miss this part?)

So I want to know more. I want to know how these guys will go on from here, how Seth develops in this companionship, what grade did the author of the diary _get_, why not, for the entries he wrote...

I want to know more! So please continue the story! *uses puppy-look* Would you deny me?

Thanks for pointing the story to me... now take responsaility and write it!
10/18/2007 c7 noone2
*Laughs* I did note he misremembered the chapter numbers, but thought it would be fun to see him stumble. The best part is - being told _after_ he finished the presentation. Think of the humiliation... *laughs again* - so OK, it's not funny - but _it is_, at the same time... if you look at it from the bystander's PoV.

The "I don't want to actually speak about sex and everything, but I have to..." theme, oh now... that's the virgin's (told you already!) PoV... Something on the line of - "I know it'll hurt the first (or few, or all) time(s) and it won't probably be interesting nor pleasant _for me_, therefore I can't understand why _others_ do it" - which is OK... if doesn't go as an excuse to hold back forever. The AIDS thing... now that's the serious threat and not to be joked about... yet I find it interesting, the length the chara goes in order to avoid _not dealing_ with sex *laughs*.

Anyway... Seth now has an aide, Kaoru, which takes Kaoru out of the contest of determining who wrote the diary :D

And since Kaoru cares about his fellow student's health and all... he might get an interest in the diary writer's health too...

Whoever he might be :)
10/18/2007 c6 noone2
Seth reacts to the diary like he's inlove with the one who wrote it. I am a bit skeptical and don't believe in love based on images one has created for himself/herself - and Seth is basically building an image of that person.

The thing that interests me right now... is Seth imagining a boy or a girl? I know this will become BL... but what is Seth _imagining_ right now?

Maybe he'll dash Kaoru's hopes *laughs*.

Going to get more!
10/18/2007 c5 noone2
Once again Kaoru drags Seth out to "socialize" then leaves him alone and dangling as "shark bait" (*laughs*) for a long time. I am starting to wonder what is Kaoru _doing_ all those times away, who is he meeting with etc.

What his interest in forcing Seth to come out, seems clear enough from Kiran's words.

Oh... Seth will be an accountant. *sigh*. Well, he does what he has to do... (what about the stock bonds then? Accountants handle stock bonds too?)

New charas coming in... Let's see how it moves on!
10/16/2007 c4 noone2
Strange - a fast-forward attraction between... who? Is Seth the one that would like to know more - about Kiran, and/or Mikail?

What about the black book - does Kaoru intentionally misplaces it? I wanted to see more of Seth's thoughts. In the previous chapter there was this rape-recurring theme, and I am starting to wonder if there's going to be some non-com in this somewhere, and if so, how it would fit in.

And overall, I still don't know what Seth studies... *headdesk*

10/16/2007 c3 noone2
Finally a name, - Seth - an "evil", or "well-meaning" nosey roommate - Kaoru - and soon, a night of... fun?

I knew you did great in first person PoV, after reading "Secrets.." - but this goes beyond that. Seth might be a bookwormish boy (if he's a boy... he's an extremely intelligent one) but oh does he have a way with (written?) words. Will have to wait and see if his speech pattern is the same.

I am intrigued. I still can't figure what he's studying - though you mention the stock bonds again, lol, it's to tell me Seth doesn't study _that_.

Going to the next chapter... I want to know more!
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