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for Silent Err in the Mind

11/18/2007 c1 vague shadow
Hi, it's Jessica. *waves*

I got your message, hope you got mine. So now, to the review!

I really liked this. It started out slow in a good way, as the poem went on the intensity was built up and built up. Then at the end it exploded in a great pleading of understanding and longing. It was awesome!

I understand the feeling behind this poem as well. I had been in what I thought was a relationship for a couple of years with a guy who was very neglectful and very absent emotionally. So I completely understand what the speaker in the poem means when he/she says:

"You held me in the silence

I felt nothing but your cold embrace

I tried to give you a hint

But you weren’t listening to my silence"

Great job, Jessi! Glad to see that you haven't lost that wonderful writing ability. Hope to hear from you soon.

~Peace and Love, Jessica
3/23/2006 c1 15Lovetress
I can definitely identify with the fear/hate of silence in this poem. There were many lines I liked, such as "It's so loud I can't hear my own thoughts". But truthfully, I got somewhat bored halfway through it. There's too much abstraction here and that takes away from the powerfulness of the poem.

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