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for In Heat

1/27/2006 c1 30Sarah Rizal
wow. nice poem keep it up i enjoy reading. =)
5/3/2001 c1 nomore65
Wow, that's confusing. Okay, it has to do with the capitilization in the last stanza... four... so one stanza is by each of the four, right? But what four? Okay... Quietly Future Whisper were capt.ed ... but that'd only be three. Okay, I'm very confused! *face-faults tears* -;_;- *sniff* it sounded pretty, though *snuff*
2/25/2001 c1 The Confuser
Big Kahuna! Sorry, I'm a leetttllle hyper today. Anyway, I loved your poem. Keep it up! ^_~
2/22/2001 c1 8Silversong
That was cool, Nuri-chan. ^_^

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