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for Sonnet Battle

3/25/2006 c1 6FuzzyGrapes
You know, you are really good at writing humor fics. I have just spent the last 5 minutes reading two of your other things like a good little mindless no-life, but whatever. THey're all abso-freaking-lutly hilarious! Especially this one. I love the iron chef! Allthough, have you noticed, they always have an actress tasting the food. Like, yeah, she's an actress, of course she's a food expert!
3/25/2006 c1 44Maddie Fyrce
Hahaha, that was great. Especially since Bob was from Wisconsin (YAY!). I loved it!
3/24/2006 c1 JamesLisle
I like it. Quick, to the point, witty.

The egnlish class arse-hole within me, however, would point out "smitten" might not have been the word you are looking for, and Mr. White's poem isn't technically a sonnet.

However, don't let my quick editoral comments deter you - as a big fan of both Iron Chef and the Bard, I approve. Well done!

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