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10/9/2008 c1 Carus

Wow. Amazing, brilliant, fantastic...I love the cynicism

1/5/2008 c1 sam
fuck you, hehe i get it now
10/22/2006 c1 38breakingtwilight
This is crazy... quite possibly the most cynical use of formatting I've seen in awhile. Keep it up.
8/6/2006 c1 29dirty windows
Oh this was witty. And not quite pretty, but beautifully raw.

The images evoked from this are absolutely amazing.

I think I just might favourite this one!
6/5/2006 c1 2Whispered Fantasies
I'm quite speechless...
5/28/2006 c1 Prescribe-Me-An-Ego
I like this poem just the way it is.
5/23/2006 c1 36bright horizon splash
awesome. just, awesome. ~*
5/12/2006 c1 5Anya Mannequin
4/25/2006 c1 80AbstractMind
Hey..thanks for the review...I thought I would return the favor. Honestly, I didn't really follow this poem. (but it could be due to the fact that I only got an hour of sleep last night, and that I just got in from the cold, because we had a fire drill thing) But I got the fuck you going down and I just thought I'd say it was creative.
3/30/2006 c1 40Doray
I wanted to cry when I read this. It's so beautiful. You have a twintwin?
3/27/2006 c1 45TheUnabomber
ok nice wow,you have some nice work, and i am sorry for using those lines i havent found the right way to have space used without those horrible lines. thanks for the reviews on my work i am in the middle of trowing things on there. maybe we could talk online using aim.
3/27/2006 c1 36contrast and friction
This is fucking brilliant. The anger is so so harsh & so so beautiful. Oh wow, I love this!
3/26/2006 c1 8Hotkitty
i dont get you. i dont get which one's meant to be anything to do with me 'cause hell i dont get where i stand anymore. im not as effing good with wordz as you so i dont know how this is gonna come through before i write it. id just like to say thanks for screwing me over. thanks for (not) trusting me. thanks for making me break down for the fourth time this whole fucking week. YOU cried? hell, first line you said you knocked the fucking wind out of me yesterday 'cause you told the truth about how you realli felt. i appreciate that. and im sorri that im selfish and im sorri that im a brat and im sorri that i hav to *grow up* . watever your goddamn motiv was or watever you hoped to achieve id just like to inform you that everything doesnt alwayz revolve around ur fucking psychology and im not one of your goddamn experiments. i trusted you. i realli did. and i thought you trusted me, too. and that made me feel good and you were one of my last strongholdz and you screwed me over and you were the last fucking person id ever thought would screw me over. im not like you and i dont hav a perfect family and perfect friends and people screw me over every goddamn day and i dont need this shit anymore so stop trying to fix me with your goddamn psych and dont you dare tell me what you did was the right thing because watever you were trying to achieve it just didnt get through, okay? steop screwing with my fucking head and stop making fun of me and stop laughing at me and i dont need you making fun of me not you too so just STOP it and let me breathe for once cause i realli dont need this so i dont know and im onli a kid and i dont want this anymore and i dont need it and i dont want it and i hate the fucking lot of you and stop laughing cause i know your laughing because you just find it oh so funny and i bet you were laughing all along every single fucking time and you hurt me you realli did in a way that barely anyone kan hurt me cause i just dont open up to people like that and you know that and you know how scared i always am and you just made it worse and i dont hav a fucking clue how im going to go to school tomorrow but i bet you do i bet your going to go to school cause you'll just be too fucking happy that you've come to all your realisations and your free while im sitting here rotting in front of this goddamn computer screen crying my fucking eyes out and they ask me why i hav the goddamn bagz and its meant to be lack of sleep because thats just what they all want to believe and im a selfish bitch and i wanted to help you through this i realli did and i would have but you obviousli think i need to grow up more before im good enough cause total strangers are just way more mature than ill ever be so bare out your heart and soul to them and have a right bitch about this selfish little brat who trusted you more than she trusted her whole fucking family and the way you just threw it back in her face and fucked her over worse than any of her supposed friends ever did. i never asked you to choose and i never expected you to choose but you chose anyway. go bak to your precious incin cause they obviousli mean a hell of a lot more to you than i ever did and if anyone else is reading this fuck you cause it's none of your goddamn business.

thanks for killing me, kait.


3/26/2006 c1 77by His blood
wow. angry, but still so beautiful. i almost feel like i shouldn't be reading this, there's so much anger and feeling and ... it's amazing, how you can still write like this ... there's nothing else i can say, but ... incredible.
3/25/2006 c1 34The Melancholy Astronaut
Angry and powerful.
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