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for Goodnight Sweet

1/10/2007 c1 Saraine
...how did your teacher react?

Jimmy is one twisted son of a gun, but in such an intelligently creative way. I got goosebumps reading his thought process. I must say, though, that the thing about Christmas wrapping paper- it's true.

Haha, psyched ya? :D
9/24/2006 c1 4Right or Ryn
that is some weirdo shit right there. -kudos
4/16/2006 c1 Marianne Lockwood
My mouth literally fell open when I read this (in a good way)! It is so utterly amazing that I can barely find words to describe it. This is without a doubt the best work I've read in a long time. Really. I love it. Sorry, I'm babbling, but seriously: fantastic. -Obsesses-
3/28/2006 c1 SummerBreeze83
OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS! I'm am seriously checking the back of my car form now on! This story actually creeped me out! Oh my goodness! Excellent job! I love the format, too. I have a vivid imagination, which for this story was a BAD thing, so I saw all those panel shots you mentioned. Okay, I'm gonna go double check that my doors are locked...thank you! Wow...onto my favorite's list with this!

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