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for Even In Death

3/14/2009 c16 Teddy
12/14/2007 c31 Elizabeth07
I had already reviewed the sequel, and thought I would rate this as well.. What can I say? Wow! is the first word that came to mind. This story has so much emotions, it is if the reader is there in the background watching what is happening. I laughed, I cried a little. This is a masterpiece. I hope you take this to a publisher. I guarantee, that with a few edits, for spelling, and such, that you would get published in no time. I'm telling you, you have major talent, and I don't say that lightly. Seriously, this is great!
8/29/2007 c29 5christinaxxyo
I can't believe she would actually leave. :( I really hoped she would jump out of the plane or something and run back to James. :P Great job, I loved your story. :D
8/29/2007 c28 christinaxxyo
James is so sweet :(
8/28/2007 c27 christinaxxyo
Jove is such a cute name. I'm glad Kree is somewhat feeling better about Jared. :)
8/28/2007 c9 christinaxxyo
her mom's a freak. her daughter is mourning and her mom brings her to a doctor? what the hell?

great job. i started crying again :(

i don't like deaths in case you haven't noticed :P
8/27/2007 c4 christinaxxyo
You did a great job on this. I cried. :( But you wrote this really well. :D
8/27/2007 c3 christinaxxyo
-GASP- Don't die yet, Jared! :P
8/27/2007 c1 christinaxxyo
Nice first chapter :)
7/16/2007 c30 Kimmeh
Wow. I readed this in 4 hours, non-stop, and I'm about to start reading the sequel, wich i'm hoping of that it's complete ;p

Very good story, book, whatever
6/30/2007 c31 xjennnny
1/4/2007 c1 12thornsxinxyourxside
So I've only read this much so far but I like it ^^ On to chappie number 2
10/26/2006 c31 3ithought
frankly speaking, i read "learning to love again" before "even in death". and hell i was so frantic to find out how jared died. cos all that was mentioned in "learning to love again" was he was shot and there was an irritating cashier. haha. so i cant help but tell you how glad i am to finally understand her pain!

i'll continue to look out for more updates on the sequel! lols. ^_^
8/11/2006 c31 92q is for quirks
dang. that sounds so much like your story, it's spooky! but songs have an uncanny way of inspiring people, don't they? yeah..
8/11/2006 c30 q is for quirks
oh, of course i'll be reading the sequel! and i inspired the james and kree?

...i feel special. :)
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