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for Witchhood Cara's Story

10/17/2006 c2 6WMystic
Wow-that took me awhile to read! But no worries, it was all worth it! Ok-well-I will read the next chappy tomorrow. Keep up the creative work!

10/17/2006 c1 WMystic
Whoa! That was crazy interesting! I got really confused with all the names and stuff, but I think I got the drift. I simply MUST read on now...!

5/31/2006 c3 15Idiot Pilot
Monte Carlo? I test drove one of those, and a guy in one of my stories has one. Pretty flipping sweet car.

Lilly likes Sailor Moon? I used to LOVE that show, especially Jupiter... haha how I remember this, who knows?

Lilly doesn't exactly seem like the nicest person, she seems cool though, just not the very nicest.

Whoa I get it! It's a play on words - Monty being the guy who took the car engine and ! Hahaha that's awesome.
5/31/2006 c2 Idiot Pilot
haha that's interesting that she would clear up his pimples but not fix his eyes... i guess while contacts can be put in pretty straight forward, washing your face and stuff clears up zits slowly, if at all.

Does Cara have a bit of a crushy poo on Sunny? I know its her friends boyfriend... but hm... perhaps?

Up to his ABS? How short is she? I'm only 5'4 but I come up to most 6'0 guys chins, and my 5'0 friend goes up to shoulders.

It's interesting that Sunny Boy should chose to have the word Stalker on his chest, and then later call a person on the phone a stalker, haha.

Ryan sounds annoying. He should get kicked in the face.

How did the three find each other? Are most people unordinary? Is there a place they would meet? Was it concidental?
5/31/2006 c1 Idiot Pilot
Woo MSN format. I read a book called TTYL that was all in Instant Messenger conversations. The key was very helpful, as unfortunately we can't include little faces or wingdings orimages in our stories (hint hint fictionpress maker-people!)

The convo was really interesting, and true to typical conversations on AIM (or MSN)

I also like how the character names are normal, as well as their screenames. Usually people writing about witches are like :

Motrifica Donaruse I and if they had an MSN screename it would be like Queen of the Damned or something... as opposed to real stuff.

I always call my friends "kid" and stuff like that cause I'm the young'n typically, haha.
4/24/2006 c2 Genna
hey Lollie,its really good i like it! update soon!i yelled at petina to update today lolbye byeLove Gen
4/10/2006 c2 heylo
hi i like your story so far its really good... i like sunny and lilly together i hope they stay that way
3/31/2006 c1 2eve-maiden
interesting to say the least... i don't think it should be like that for the rest of the story tho... cause it doesn't explain much like what they look like or there facial expressions and all that... i dunno i'm just the type of person that likes to read it the other way :P keep up the good work!

eve maiden

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