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9/30/2012 c48 1DeadlyKitten2021
I absolutely LOVED this! My fav character is Alex by far he is the best _
9/30/2012 c48 ebs12
I can't believe that anyone would go that far! I can't find the story on Amazon, which is probably a good thing, but does she have any more books on there that she's selling? If there are she probably didn't write those either...

I'm pretty sure that since she was selling this story you could sue her and if there were other people that she plagiarised from you could all gang together.

Good luck.
9/29/2012 c47 MeLoveCookies
loved it
9/29/2012 c48 Ms Julia
That's so incredibly ratty, I'm glad you're getting it resolved. I was all excited for a new chapter when I got your notification lol
9/29/2012 c19 3raindrahp
Poor Stacey.
9/29/2012 c18 raindrahp
. . . Well then.

I have to say, the best thing about this story is the plot . . . and I already know the ending, I think D: So . . . merp.
9/29/2012 c17 raindrahp
"Alex had returned! My mood dampened slightly. And I had to give him an answer by tomorrow."

The imagery before these lines was perfect, but then this combination, here, sort of . . . killed it xP Haha, don't know how else to say it!

This chapter had me smiling, and smiling, and smiling - thank you:D Happy happy happy me.
9/29/2012 c16 raindrahp
Ehhh, I'm crying again . . .

Huh. The bit about Nanny, when she says "I suppose you want an explanation for what you just heard" - something like that, at least . . . Well, it's a bit awkwardly worded O_O I think just the "an explanation" would suffice.
9/29/2012 c15 raindrahp
I almost cried . . . even knowing that . . . well. Yeah, uhm, moving on.
9/29/2012 c14 raindrahp
Oh no. Her papa? Oh no, oh no, oh no!

Huh, it seems like things progressed rather quickly, what with Penelope and all . . . Meh. I'm glad that things are (sort of) working out(: That's good.
9/29/2012 c13 raindrahp
Ugh, those two girls are horrible! Backstabbing little teenagers . . .

Although I can't really talk about that, since it would be utterly hypocritical . . .

Who am I kidding? I'm a hypocrite. xD But UGH, I can't believe - UGH. Poor Dru . . .
9/29/2012 c12 raindrahp
Oh no. The letter? OH NO.

I guess this moment was coming(: But I . . .


I've noticed that you tend to use a lot of punctuation in places, almost as much as I use ellipses. I've seen lots of "?!" in your dialogue, so . . . keep an eye out for that, haha.
9/29/2012 c11 raindrahp
Hmm, the prince (Edward, that is) asked Dru if she wanted to join them (plural) for dinner; he said, "Please join us for dinner, then." Us? Who's with him?

Oh, pssh, silly old me. His entourage? xD Oopsies.
9/29/2012 c48 Laura
Wow that is so rude of that person.
9/28/2012 c10 raindrahp
I think I've misjudged Stacey. It's neither Cindy nor Dru that I should feel pity for, but rather . . . Stacey. Thank you for this chapter!

I guess she's only ever followed, when she could have been so much more. In a different situation, with harsher circumstances, I think she could shine.

But that's a different story.

-sigh- The plot really isn't as captivating the second time around(: I sort of know what Mel- I mean, the "fairy" will say . . . Wait. Was that even her name? Meh, doesn't matter:D Haha.

Ohhh, I LOVE the end of this chapter! It's, like, foreshadow!(: But they have a happy ending, right? I think that's how it was o_o So I'm not that worried.

But, ohhhh, they'll have lots of drama before that:D Not that drama's a good thing. Well. It is, in a book. Erm. Scratch this whole paragraph...

Anyways, back to what I was saying. A lovely question to end the chapter with! I love it! Lovely lovely loved. :D It's, just, you know, lovely...?

And awwh, (I feel like Penelope right now, but awwwh,) he want to court her!
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