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9/2/2006 c36 someone
What? No! I think it's fine the way it is now - more original.
9/2/2006 c36 SkepticCritic
No! No! Don't you dare change it...Just look at the words...He's not dead...Keep the story how it is and figure out a way to make it so he's not dead...You already built up for it in this chapter...He'll still be alive...They can run off and live happily ever after...Dru doesn't want to be queen, don't make her...Queen isn't really something you'd imagine her as...They can run off to Stacie's place together...Or Catherine's...But come on...You built up for it...If you really go through with his death, that does kinda leave you with nothing...And would kinda kill your story...And a lot of young hearts...Just think of the morals of your story...Believe in the ones you love and all that jazz...You can't kill that...Have Alex come back to life, they'll escape and run away together, and live happily ever after...Maybe in the epilogue they'll even go back to Exultia and reveal that he's still alive or something...Ah...That would make everything good...If you want my opinion, it'd be the perfect ending...
9/1/2006 c36 J
it did drag for a bit, but as long as Alex and Dru end up together, and alive, then that's forgivable. I kinda like the Romeo + Juliet "death" as long as he comes back.
9/1/2006 c36 Solestis
Wow. This is definetly one for the favorite list. I commend you on this excellent story.I like all your other stories too. They never fail to make me laugh.
9/1/2006 c36 2manda rose
i don't think you're butchering the story at all. The story line has changed, slightly, but the same theme still remains, underneath. Although Alex was my favorite character, and I didn't want to see him die, his death added an unexpected twist. If he had just gotten rid of Cindy (which I don't think would be very easy) and married Dru, the story would still be good, but the end would be kinda cliche. The way that things played out makes it more interesting, in a way.
9/1/2006 c36 Seaspray
no, don't change the story. Continue us you are, you've been foreshadowing this since the visit to the seer in my opinion. And this is a fantastic story and writing style btw
9/1/2006 c36 3Bloo
Your sister is wrong in my opinion. I love the story! But you say Alex really died... Did he? You just made it seem as if the death was faked and that he would see Dru again..
9/1/2006 c36 3eskimo'srsxy
only if he's not coming backi mean, thats the whole reason i read this is because i keep hoping that he'll come backlike snow white or something, only with a role reversaland no little menand no hi ho'si think i need to go watch a disney movie now
9/1/2006 c36 2Pen Killer
I think that it's going okay. :O

The settings have changed very quickly though, I have to agree with that. And...yes, have Alex not die :O
9/1/2006 c36 12Out of the Orange
What nonsense are you speaking of? The story is only getting better and better. If you'd ended it just when Dru realized her feelings for Alex, it would've been way too cliche, too ordinary.

No, it's definitely improving. The part where she was in the bad-girl house...thing...felt a bit like you were rushing through it, but it's picking up again.

Keep on with how you've been going, okay? Please?
9/1/2006 c36 Necia
I think you should finish the way you planned, look it over, and do whatever you want to it. But don't start changing it NOW! of all times.
9/1/2006 c36 2The Light of Earendil
I don't think you're butchering it! Finish it the way you planned and let the characters make the decisions for you :)
8/27/2006 c35 Bek
Oh! Im all excited now... Its a Romeo and Juliet thingy happening, isnt it?
8/27/2006 c35 SkepticCritic
Oh yes...Of course we love cliffies...You know, you'll kill us all one of these days if you give us too many of those...

And I think I'd sing Melina's song just to see other people's reactions...

Just one question and please a straight answer...Is Alex really and truly dead for the rest of the story?
8/27/2006 c34 SkepticCritic
Oh come on...If he's really dead then...Why isn't the story over? Maybe the dead body is a fake or body double or something...It could happen...And then the assassin would be Alex...Except he talked to her as he was dying didn't he? Darn...
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