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5/18/2006 c8 4rightblinkleft
LOVE THIS STORRY! TOTALLI GOIN ON FAVORITES! UGH, CANT FINISH IT NOW THO, cuz im gittin kicked oof bye stuppiidd sistrruhanywayss!

5/16/2006 c15 2The Light of Earendil

GREAT insights into the mourning/crying thing. And I love these little instances with Stacey... I hope she stops following Cindy's example :) I'd like to see her be strong.
5/15/2006 c15 SkepticCritic
Oh...That's...That's cruel...The least you could do if you insist on leaving those awful cliffies is tell me if any part of my guess is true...At least it amused you...I always try and lighten the spirits of the authors...It seems that happy authors write faster and don't leave their readers hanging for too long...Come on...Is any part of my guess SLIGHTLY true? Just a little bit of it? Please tell me...I'm really bad about this...I always read ahead when I read books...I just can't help myself...Please?
5/15/2006 c15 2Pen Killer
Wow, that was so...sad...T_T

But I think I am beginning to like Stacey a lot more, and also beginning to think that Cinderella is learning to effects of too much inbreeding. (Nobility and all, but JK, JK) seriously though, I think she is insane. Who really thinks that they can make their lives into a fairy tale? I think it was okay when she was young, she probably wanted the attention, but now I think since no one has stopped her, she's taking it too far. She isn't growing as a person at all, she's still that little girl that Dru met years ago.
5/15/2006 c15 ink-dork
hello new reader =]] i was never a member until just a couple seconds ago or minutes. anyways i just had to reply to ur story so i just had to register ^_^ i started ur story i think today morning before heading off to school and then finished it just now instead of doing my hw =X but i just couldnt stop. although ur writing may not be the top top best best but i think it is quite good =]] my fave character has to be stacey and cindy. not together of course. i tend to like the atagonists over the protagonists in stories. anyways stacey is def. a girl who has more than meets the eye but as u continue to state is in "the shadow of Cindy" Cindy is... to put it bluntly... a b**tch. sorry for the profanity but thats one simple way to state her. but also she seems lonely since shes always seeking this attention and wants even more even if she gets it. i believe Drusilla has slowly grown up but still is pretty much the old drusilla. she is a fighter but also someone still pretty not sure. Alex is def. a charmer. his character is def. the great good guy. some parts esp the part of where they forced dru to write a letter to alex the letter reminded me greatly of the letter ella in Ella Enchanted written by Gail Carson Levine (one my of all-time faves) to the prince in the novel. the one about marrying a rich old guy and then him dying and so she can obtain his riches. i immediately thought of ella when i read this certain part. anyways heres my prediction of whats to come... 1_ alex will court her like he said2_ maybe cindy will somehow prevent him from seeing dru3_ edward and stacey will end up together but stacey will question her feelings cuz of cindy at some point in the story4_ cindy will marry prince peter and maybe be queen5_ alex might give up his position as crown prince in order to marry to dru or maybe he wont6_ if he marries dru and is sitll the crown prince, then she'll be a great queen7_ lets just say IF he dies. then.. he died. maybe she'll meet Leo again IF HE DIES. which is my last conlucsion, but u never know. but yes this is just a major IF. hopefully its a NOT.is my review too long? lol. i just had so much to say. cant wait for the coming chapters. i'll probably not read this until u've posted several chapters just so im not murdering myself while waiting for one chapter after another ^_^
5/15/2006 c15 radha
hm, i really hope cindy isn't going to make alex forget about dru, because i like dru. but you did say things are going to get worse from here on...

alex is a bit unbelievable but i love him anyway. and it would suck if cindy did become the queen, even if she married peter. she sounds horrible. i'm not even sure if people that horrible could reform, at least not easily, but then again, this is make-believe.
5/15/2006 c15 insanitystrikesthrice
Aw, that's so sad about her dad... Cindy's a bit unsympathetic, but you're right, she could easily be redeemed later in the story. I can't wait for Alex to come back (I imagine him to be so hot!). Keep up the good work!

P.S. From a few chapters back, congratulations on all your exam marks
5/15/2006 c15 2manda rose
i love this story. and i have to say, you are one of the best updaters on this site. compared to nearly everyone else, you update really fast! keep it up, i can't wait to read more :)
5/12/2006 c14 2Pen Killer
Love you so much! Continue! :3
5/11/2006 c14 HajariSheep
Squee! I love this story. Can't wait for the next update =)
5/10/2006 c14 SkepticCritic
There were a lot of chapters to catch up on...

You know, since I don't know how you're going to end this story, I'm going to start fabricating my own end...Why? because I like happy endings...So...

Let's see...Dru and Alex end up together (I can't help myself) but Alex must give up the throne so they go live somewhere else happily ever after, Peter becomes crown prince and Cindy marries him, and Stacey will end up with Eddy...

I like that ending...Maybe I'll wait until the point where everything strays from that and just delude myself into thinking that's how you really wrote it...Or maybe I'll just read what you write and then convince myself you meant something completly different...
5/10/2006 c13 SkepticCritic
For trying to stay on everyone's good side, Stacey didn't do so well in this chapter, did she?

And I'm not sure how dropping the locket would affect Cinderella...Maybe we'll find out though...
5/10/2006 c12 SkepticCritic
Well either you decided to continue updating after all or I've missed these several updates completly...
5/10/2006 c10 SkepticCritic
Ok a) this chapter made me tear up (everything seems to do that nowadays) and b) um...Oh right...I liked the character redemption...
5/10/2006 c9 SkepticCritic
Did you give us six chapters at once? My gosh...I feel like I'm behind or something...Now I've got to book it to catch up with y'all...Glad you're back...I love reading this story...even if I say that every chapter it still rings true...
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