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for Behind the Castle Walls

8/27/2006 c4 36MoonLitDemon
Hmm, well, so far, it's a great deal better written than I remember it being. There are still some parts that I question, when the sentences seem short and choppy and lack a good transition from one to the next. However, as I said, it was a vast improvement and I enjoy it.

My only wish now is that, after introducing so many characters, you will elaborate on all of them.
5/17/2006 c3 Dalik Taltoka
Great story so far,I didn't see too many errors (acctually I've seen none) but it's a great story and keep it upbtw, thanks for the reviewI created Dalik so he would be like that, the orginal character is hilliarous, but thats story is gone now...~Dalik~
4/1/2006 c1 Dalik Taltoka
really good chapter

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