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for Hide and Seek

1/30/2007 c1 24eyes of sky
It sums up exactly how the worries of childhood seem so trivial when you look back.
9/4/2006 c1 7Murmullo
It's a neat story. I am not sure, but your tenses seem a bit off; not much, just a little. Yet, I enjoyed the simplicity of hide and seek, and the remembrancing.

Your writing is very good.
4/1/2006 c1 59Frore
Oo, I like this a lot! It's almost a bit chilling, yet somehow playful in it's own way. You did a very nice job.
4/1/2006 c1 44Simon James
This is lovely!

The way the narrator was transported back to childhood by seeing the old hiding space, its works really well - and i almost found myself holding my breath as they did!

The comments about mother, grandma, sunday lunch, all provide a richness of reality - they make the feelings real (whether fiction or otherwise!) and give the story foundations. Also the fact that the laughter of childhood is now turned to being slightly mocking, maybe of the fact that, now grown up, the narrator has many troubles.



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