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6/29/2006 c5 free-to-dream15
OUCH! I bet Chase is in REAL pain...totally sounded like it hurt! update soon!
4/9/2006 c1 4greg0041
LulaR: Very good story. I'm not-so-patiently anticipating the second part.

A few things: In the first section, I would try and shy away from using the same word over and over, ie. "underground" and the phrase, "hundreds of people". They show up several times in close proximity. Also, there is a sentance in the middle with three "him" referrences, I would try and change it to read a little better.

You certainly kept my attention and I am starting to get a feel for your characters. Excellent work and keep it up, can't wait to see more.
4/7/2006 c4 3shuushuu

this is such a sad chapter...


thats so mean...poor sandra!

I like what you did with Chase's flashback with his brother...i can't believe that his borther died too. AWW! this is turning into a very angsty story...

I still think that i like Chase the best so don't you dare let him die okay?

"When the rescue party found them much later, Chase was still trying to wake his brother, shaking his cold, still body in confusion" - that line is just too sad...it made me sad!

shows that you are a versatile writer though!



4/6/2006 c4 free-to-dream15
Ah very good! except you made silent tears roll down my cheeks when Brett died ( i know I'm lame) but i guess thats a good response? Update soon!
4/6/2006 c3 shuushuu
Wow, nadine sounds like a biatch!

Just like dory here man OH HAHAHAHA I dunno who dat guy u said he sounds like wen he sings is .. Matt Nathanson I will hav 2 lkimewire it up so dat i can find out

Z Z Z Z Z Z Z says asha LOL Oh u know wot greg goes 2 me "are james & elaine going out now?" im like "yh obv!" HAHA but den hinas lke "does he even like her?" & im like "i wsh he did ... " aw

I know

In d comon room but it was giving me a headache.


O dear gosh I should probs post this soon cos u know its turning into a mumbling of crap and it is not going to make any sense soon enough ... OK so dory ure signing out so that i can review ure latest chapter of THA'TS WHAT IMEANT TO SAY! Don't u just love Darius LOL!

4/4/2006 c3 free-to-dream15
That would totally suck to be Halie cause she brings back memories! lol. I thought you did very well with the flashbacks now update this again!
4/4/2006 c3 AliLunar
this story is sorta confusing rite now, but plz post more up! i love hot guys, lol
4/4/2006 c2 dorydafish

hehehehhe i so love this story

i think that i like chase the best tho -but i bet that u knew i wud seeing as i always like the main guy chracter. obviously expect wen they are harry potter and alex from chris ryan books. RON AND HEX ARE TOTALLY THE BEST IN THOSE BOOKS! i dont care wat u say.

umm i no that this is an odd question but is there going to be any gayness in this story seeing as u made it extra clear in the last chapter of drifting in life that none of those characters were going to be gay.

which in my opinion is just too sad.


only messing with you girlie.

but i seriously do love this story tho.

i dunno wheather to start the first chapter of my new story that i wanna do or finish the next chapter of the other one. the only problem is i did most of the chapter at skl and then i think i forgot to press save and now its not there so i gotta type it all out again... :(

hehehehe im stupid and dislocated


I LOVE CHASE! but the new characters sound well cool too uno.

c yas around dudette!

4/3/2006 c2 free-to-dream15
lol this was short! So I take it there is a reason taht Zed and Sandra were out there (other than they were walking?) or maybe not..dont know..but you should update so i can find out!
4/3/2006 c1 free-to-dream15
Very good so far! I am totally already hooked! update soon! (ps: so far chase is my fav. in this story!)
4/3/2006 c1 8EquilibriCal
LulaR ^^ LMAO. This is actually a pretty wkd first chapter to a potentially wkd story (Oh yeh it deletes the multiple letters ja?)

Yeh neway tis well written .. got a gd feel Hm. Oh LOL! I got a storwy hehe that's a betta spelling thanQ rOger! :D
4/3/2006 c1 3shuushuu
Hey man tis me and carlz here...

Sup duddette? LMAO Dis story is intrigueing hm Antida huh? Does it have a satellite? I think u should give it a Moon cos othawise wot do dey look @ wen its night time man? Oh

Too many D's says roger


I wanna write a stawie uh u get me? HAHA

Oh hav we not finished? LulaR is gonna have one long review for this! HAHA

Cyas later babes bye (oh it cuts it off huh? NO WAY! Meant 2 b 10 thousands e's ^^)

Bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye eby bey bey bey bey not repeating ...

end of



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