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7/29/2006 c11 Ri
OMG I DON'T WANT HER TO DIE! *criez* This chapter was really touching, I got so teary especially towards the end. Please updates sooN!
7/26/2006 c11 Ashleigh Elaine
OmG! don't stop writing this please! This chapter made me cry. Its so cute. Please keep writing!Love Ashleigh Elaine
7/7/2006 c11 5anacharlie
Oh, God! I'm gonna cry! I read it, loved it, it's probably gonna have a sad end and when that comes, I'll cry!Great writting!
6/30/2006 c11 Ainohikari Maxwell
This is a wonderful story. I have no idea why it would make you cringe. I think it is well written. But if you believe you can make it better, might I suggest you go back and revise what you don't like. I would love to see the end of this story and all that happens to Sean and Zoe.
6/30/2006 c11 2kelley1987
Aw I love this chapter. It almost made me cry! Lol. Well I hope you don't lose interest in this story anymore because it would be a shame if you decided to discontinue it. But yeah...I really hope you finish it. Lol, great chapter. I'll be checking back.
6/26/2006 c11 kjnhgtfrdefgh
Omgosh. You made me cry. Haha. Lovely chapter. I already started reading your new story Confessions on the Dance Floor and I LOVE IT! I think I'll go check out Broken World too, cuz your an amazing writer, lol. So that one's bound to be awesome too.

I hope you can gain back your interest in this story because I really adore it. But I can relate with the losing interest dude. I hate that, lol, when your writing a story and you find yourself slowly losing interest in it anymore. Hmm, well, as I said before lovely chapter my dear.

- Celie
6/26/2006 c11 23Crymson Tears
AW! ::tear:: so sweet! that's all i have to say...::runs off to cry eyes out::
6/26/2006 c11 1Cara Deanna
it was a good chapter please update soon
6/14/2006 c10 2kelley1987
Great new chapter. A little short but that's okay lol. I saw the explanation at the end of it and I do understand what you're trying to say lol. Zoe is confident in ways but she just hasn't had a chance to show it. I get it now. :). Well, great update and keep it up, I'll be checking back. :)
6/13/2006 c10 superheroesarereal
=) I'll try to make this as constructive as possible... =)The good:1) The dialogue was real and didn't seem at all forced.2) The emotions felt by Zoe and Sean were apparent without being over the top.3) I just pretty much like Sean as a whole...teehee =)The bad:1) grammatical/syntactical errors: - "The air all around us was screaming: excitement & scandal." I know you were trying to express the feelings and tension in the air, but this statement doesn't make that much sense, so you might want to find another way to express it. -"...I massaged my wrist and ducking my head, shut my eyes.." there should either be a comma after and or you should remove the and, add a comma after wrist, and change ducking to duck. Otherwise, this sentence is confusing and grammatically incorrect. -"...the latest being 2:24 am." This should say the latest was. - There were a few sentences where you started with "but"; don't start sentences off with but, it's awkward and, again,grammatically incorrect. -"He said it as a polite request but if felt like a command." it should say it instead of if and there should be a comma after request.

I hope that was helpful and I hope it didn't sound harsh because I wasn't trying to be. You're an awesome writer, you just need to work a bit on the grammatical stuff. After you cover that, you'll be incredible. =) This was a good chapter...keep going.
6/12/2006 c10 5tearitrightup
you just HAD to leave us hanging. i think this one is the best chapter so far. cause it's not too cliche, just perfect. you know? cause readers need cliche stuff. and the one year idea was effin AWESOME! keep updating!
6/12/2006 c10 kjnhgtfrdefgh
Man, I want a Sean too! Haha. YES! Jason deserved it the little bastard! Rawr! ::smacks Jason:: Muwhaha. I can't wait to see the damage. Woot, but I am all sad now. ::sniffles:: I don't want Zoe to die! Is she gonna tell Sean? ::sniffles::

PLEASE update soon, I can't wait for more. =]

- Celie
6/12/2006 c10 1Cara Deanna
XD i liked it. it was sad, strange, and very realistic. please update soon
6/12/2006 c1 2hippiechick
this is so amazing! I love your writing style!
6/7/2006 c9 2kelley1987
Sorry I haven't been around to review...lol thanks to a lack of a computer at my house. Anyway, I had to read the last couple chapters to catch up and I really like this story. It's writen really well and I wish I had a Sean in my life lol. But anyway, my only critique is that Zoe needs to stand up for herself more. Well, keep up the great writing. I'll be checking back :)
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