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4/4/2006 c2 19Lulu2606
Yay! Update...theyre always gd.

Yeh Bianca clearly has issues...but we all know you secretly have issues as well...mwahahahaha...no?

Now...the box in chapter 1. I personally think it had a frog in. Do NOT ask where the frog came from it just leapt into my mind. Like a little leapy froggy thing.

Oh dear...I really need sleep. Update soon!

4/4/2006 c2 dorydafish
omg i just wrote this rele rele long review for this chapter and then prss submit and it was like can not find server...i am so peeved that its not even funny...so not laughing ¬_¬ GGRR! i am a lionn. i like loins manes tho...they look like my hair as my dad tends to point out every other day...hehehehe. but then again i did puke on him the other day at the hospital..that was the morphine it wasnt my fault!


basically wat i sed in the review was I LOVE THIS STORY it is so cool. i think that michael seems like a pretty decent guy and that he seems cool. but then again you never know.

i think that inside the box is like a video tape of their parents and it was like only to be watched if they dies. and its all about how they are like secret agents and stuff and the london bombing happened because they were trying to stop some bad people and the bad people got their revenge or something like that...im not sure tho...thats my wacked out brain just thinking of all of that stuff really quite randomly.

oh and the other thing that i sed was i think that you shud get jamie to review your story coz i think that he will like it even tho he just reviews my story without even reading it and just saying that its good. LOL! and the fact that he reviews it rite wen im sitting next to him in the library...i think that kind of defys the point of actually reviewing a story, dont you think. that boi is one crazy dude tho so i guess that would be expected of him. heheheheh! gosh im so weird...

NO! jordan went offline before i actually replyed to his hi! all because of this review. thats it ur going to get ur comeuppance. LOL! but then again im glad that i didnt reply seeing as he spent all day laughing his head off wen he saw me hobbling on my crutches. stupid boi. o and he gave me a lift yesterday...o h drives so fast that i had my hands over my eyes... LOL!

okay WTF?

im talking a loada crap and i gotta go have dinner now...grumbly tummy!

wow this is like the longest review ever!


4/4/2006 c1 3shuushuu

wow this is sucha cool story...

me likes it...

and i see wat ur doing here...stick to the things that you no best. is Biancas chracter going to be based on you? i hope so coz she will be well cool if shes like you. LOL! you think that any of the american readers are going to uderstand the subject and a-level thingys? i hope so but u made it pretty clear so that cool.

love your english style...props to you for being so good at english...i was crap at it. LOL! omg u just signed in on msn...wait im going to talk to you...

ok have sed hi. hehehe! this is weird. i think that im going to like the main guy character in the end. i always do..LOL!

anyway am going to review the next chapter...
4/4/2006 c2 8EquilibriCal
yeh.. its nanette btw, not YOU haha.. u have an interesting story goin on here! see it devolping *wink wink nudge nudge* =P keep writing! n i'll keep reading! WOO! xx
4/3/2006 c2 1Rock Andorra
This is good writing. I'm not sure about the story. Not much has happened. But the pace is good and the characters are nice and quirky, waiting to be revealed.You've thrown us some nice tidbits- the seemingly paranoid locking of the door and the box. Hope to see more.
4/3/2006 c2 50Kristina Suko
You've got me interested! I really, really want to know what's in the box. The relationship between Bianca and Stephanie is a little hard to say anything about just yet- it's still too early to see, but from the small bit, it sounds like they're close. Keep writing! Please!
4/3/2006 c1 19Lulu2606
Wo! Carlz wrote a story!

Hehe this sounds so much like you..all the uni stuff...the coffee...the mascara...ok maybe not the mascara but you get my point! Feel like updating? hint hint...

~LulaR~ x

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