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4/11/2006 c1 4James-Padfoot
ACP sounds like NS. (National Service) Though, we don't have to go through it during high school, just after high school, if you are listed.

Nice piece.

Apart from some minor grammar errors, your piece is well written. Your message is clear and strong, and your experiences push your points outward.

You explained the program well enough, not leaving the reader in a complete state of o_O 'whatdidshesay?'

Also, I went one step further. (Beautiful (rl) name, by the way) I looked into your profile. And suprisesuprise.

* I'm obsessed with Harry Potter's world. And I do mean obsessed. HECK YEAH!

* I have a boyfriend (my computer, haha, since I spend most of my time with it-er-him). I LOVE HIM. We were meant to be. (Until I get a new upgraded one XD) But yeah, same predicament. Lol in love with our laptops XD Dependable, more like it.

* I am a sucker for cheesy romantic films-the sighs of being a girl. Totally, except I don't show it. XD I'm a secret sucker. Teehee.

I was suprised to see many similiarities. Guess all potterphiles think alike? (Geniuses, bwaha)

All, except that I love LOTR too. At least you didn't diss him. ^_^ Potterpoints to you!

But the most important thing... (or at least I hope I'm right...) I'VE READ YOUR WORK ON FF.NET too! I recognized your name. *grin* Hurrah! And... this is a compliment, because I read a lot (far too much, perhaps) fanfiction, and to remember your ID must mean that your story stood out. I don't remember what i read, but if I can remember you out of the hundreds of ff (yes, I've read MANY) then huzzah to you!

Did I mention I ramble too?


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