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for Anarchy?

10/5/2007 c1 20Sam Hines
While I highly respect your opinion, I must say that what you have written is not true anarchy. True anarchy isn't punk rock bands, drugs, et al. It is communities working together to take care of one another. So you are correct in saying that form of punk anarchy is complete BS.

Apart from that note, I'd like to say I enjoyed reading your rant. I hope it felt good when you wrote it, as most works like this go. Long days and pleasant nights my friend
5/9/2007 c1 Tytherpol
4/17/2006 c1 8When words lose meaning
I agree 100%. People dont seem to understand that our government may fuck us over sometime, but we would be nowhere without it. There is definently things that need to change but to discard the government system all together would be idiotic and disasterous. Amen to you flaming.footprints.
4/16/2006 c1 mos
shya. that's about all there is to it. powerful, right on, yadda yadda

4/9/2006 c1 17DOORphrame
I definatly agree with you, but don't you think it belongs somewhere other than horror?
4/8/2006 c1 14Cowzingrass
Good for you! People who think that they can live without leaders are idiots! Without government, idiots would rule and there would definitly always be someone who ran the show. I mean without laws and government who would defend us when a foreign country invades? Without government, some idiot would have found out how to use nuclear bombs and blow up a chunk of the earth!
4/7/2006 c1 1DamienSBlack
Amen! I hate all these freaking posers who run around screaming about anarchy and punk rock and rebellion and crap. I've been saying the same thing for years, but I can't word it like you can. Mind if I print this out and shove it in poser's faces?

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