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4/10/2006 c1 133Dying Rose
Not generally my style of of poem, but it's very good, so I feel compelled to leave a complementary review. I thought the amount of commas and the placement you used very different, but in a good way; they added depth and more pauses...Read out loud, this poem is very emotional, while at the same time having an almost apathetic devil-may-care attitude to it, telling the reader that the writer has most definitely "moved on" - congratulations on that, btw. You have achieved a great poem clearly portraying what you, as a writer, feel, and have portrayed that extremely well. Each line flows well with the rest of the poem and nothing appears out of tuune or place.You're a great writer - keep up the good work!

Good luck and best wishes,~Dying Rose~
4/9/2006 c1 CB202
okay first off, thank you for reviewing my poems. second, i really loved the idea of this poem...its easy to relate to and very clearly portrayed... the only thing i would fix is that the way that u have it broken up, its very jagged.. it flows, but in a weird way, because the lines are so short, two or three words. good job though, i really liked it a lot.

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