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1/7/2007 c1 1Fast Cars And Freedom
"Will I Transform and Transcend?

Or Transform and Descend?"

That part was brilliant... you're such a slick poet, you realise that if you don't... well ya do now :P! XD! AH! FAVED! :P!
5/26/2006 c1 With Rhyme and Reason
This is very nice because of the way you take an event (in this case, a dragon hatching from an egg) and apply it to every life everywhere. Some of the best lines are: "What will I become? / Noble Ancient? / Raiding Monster?" The poem applies directly to people: when we're born or when something happens in our lives, we can deal with it in at least two different ways, and the paths lead to destruction or success. Also, dragons are awesome. I'm glad you chose the dragon instead of a chicken or something. Nice job.
4/22/2006 c1 Little Junkie
I see that I'm on your favourites list many times. thank you! I added you to my msn cuz I saw you had a hotmail adress and figured since you're 17 you'd come online haha but havent seen you yet...

i added your ...Trapped poem to my favourites i do believe.
4/11/2006 c1 1snowydawn
This is a really original poem. I like it. It has a concept that is common yet not so. The dragon is a real good change up from like a bird or something. I lets the reader know your interests while you show real meaning. Very nice job.

By the way, Crystal Crisis has its 4th chapter now


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